Sunday, 15 September 2013

Catch Up Part 2!

Hiya again Folks!
Thought I'd break up the post catch ups...don't want to overwhelm you all in one hit!!!!!! LOL

Along with the happenings in Part 1 I have had a holiday taking in the heady mixture of Macclesfield, Harrogate and Budapest as destinations!!! ROFL
First off a train to Macclesfield to stay with my friend and her husband for a day before my flight to Budapest. ;)
So we took advantage of the fact that, after a very early start, I was there for nearly a full day and visited NT Tatton Park.
...big hugs to my SF for taking me to the station at such a silly time of day!!!

The fabby library...

The fern!

Hope my banana gets this big one day!

 The next day I met up with the northern girls and flew to Budapest on my god daughters hen do...

...the really is blue some days ;)...

...a welcome long cool beer on a hot, hot day!

 Lots of lovely meals...

A great bespoke tailor...these are high end bridal tunics ;)

 A quirky decoration outside a cafe...I think I need an old bike I can paint all one colour right now!!

Superb produce in the market.

The bride to be (in red tartan) and her chief bridesmaid

Step mum, God daughter and me!

Love and hugs to you all.....there is another update due shortly ;)

But before that there is a little something for The Artistic Stamper tomorrow.

Sioux xoxo

P.S. Anyone know how I can turn off this flippin highlight colour on the background of my text?!!!


  1. You seem to have turned it off... Love the photos - Budapest looks fantastic, blue blue Danube indeed... Hope your God-Daughter's wedding goes well, it looks like the hen do, did!

  2. Looks like it was a great trip. Have a good week.


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