Monday, 10 June 2013

SB turns into SF!

Mmmmm.......this is a long post...
Hold on to your hats folks!
(you may want to keep it for a special occasion)

My very, very special SB and I shared a wonderful sun filled day on Saturday.
We smooched around Totnes.....lazily stopped for coffee....bought some nibbles from the deli to eat later in my garden.
I found a plant that I had coveted since seeing it outside the hotel in Florence last year...

...and it's now adorning the front of my house. :)

Garden is looking good at the moment by the way.

The poppies are a special favourite.

We made a small detour to Broadsands beach on the way home and walked by the sea listening to the waves rolling in, watching the birds as they flew by.....stopping to sit on a bench to admire the view, chat, kiss and cuddle ;)

And then...
...and then...

Yes...he asked me the big question!
You know the one?

"Sioux?"...he paused...
...I turned to him and said "yes...?"

"Will you marry me?"

I paused...
...I said YES! :)

So Special Boyfriend is now Special Fiancé ;)

This is a whirlwind I know...but when something is right it is right and this is soooo right :)
We are so right for each other...we love each other...we want to grow old together...
...although, as you know, I already have a head start on him on that score!!! ROFLIA ;)

We celebrated later in the garden with rosé Cava (of course!)

and shared an al fresco spread.
(Elder flowers picked near Elberry Farm on our circular walk back to the car)

A perfect day in so many ways.

We watched Casablanca together in the evening...although I managed to nod off about half an hour from the end!!!
He said he did not want to wake me as he was enjoying me sleeping in his arms?
Special huh?

He is the hero I was holding out for :)

Going to have to find a ring needs to be just right...
...oh dear I suspect this could take some time! ;)

xoxo Sioux


  1. Many congratulations; here's wishing you much happiness.

  2. Oh, Sioux I am so pleased for you, many many congratulations! I know that Pip would want you to be happy too, that's why you know it's right! So happy!

  3. Congratulations!!!!! Wishing you all the best. When is the big day?

  4. Don't know you and yet so pleased for you. Love reading your blog and following this special time. Great news.

  5. If i knew how to do a girly squeal i'd be doing one.
    I am so happy for you.
    I wish you endless love and happiness.

  6. SQUEEEEEAL!!!! Huge congrats to you both!!! SOOOOOO pleased for you. May you grow old together and live happily ever after. Big hugs, Jenny xxx

  7. Can you hear me shouting Yippee from here! So, so pleased for you! The best news in ages! Congratulations to you both! Chrisx

  8. Oh Sioux that is such good news, I am so happy for you....Congratulations...I just hope you can't hear me singing!!! Love S xxx

  9. Fantastic!! and many many congratulations x

  10. You already know how I feel so I want to know now - is RA off your Xmas list????

  11. Oh WOW, what a wonderful guy! Best wishes. What a marvellous day that was - so special - oh WOW, I feel choked.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  12. Oooh so good to hear! Lovely to see you are so happy :) many congratulations

  13. I don't know you but I have been following your story and what a wonderful romantic story it is too many, many congratulations to you both and wish you much happiness in the future. Pat x

  14. Sounds like a real fairy tale romance - with a happy ending ! Great news and congratulations ! Heather x

  15. Congratulations Sioux, I'm so happy that you have found your hero. Your happiness jumps off the "page". Wishing you a lovely life together.
    Lindsay x x x

  16. Crikey girl! That's fabulous news!!! Does this mean I now get RA all to myself?! ;o) xxx

  17. Huge congratulations Sioux, I'm so pleased you have found your happy ever after. You can stop kissing frogs now you have found your prince :-)xx

  18. Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL!

    I can't stop smiling for you both, huggss xxxxx


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