Monday, 4 February 2013

Believe it!

Believe it or not I sat in the garden on Saturday morning for breakfast...the first time this year....even if I did have to wear my still felt good :)
Could not have possibly done it Sunday though!!!

Looking forward to many more...without the fleece on...
...and who knows, perhaps a good man might join me one of these days too...
...I live in hope! ROFL ;)
Good to see Petula is still going strong at 80...I'm hoping to do the same fingers crossed.
She was Pip's favourite :)
Got some art for tomorrow if you want to come back ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. I managed to put some washing out but it was too cold to sit out more's the pity. Please show us how your garden is progressing before a certain man takes your mind elsewhere.

  2. It was just too cold her to be outdoors. Today looks much better. :)

  3. It was nice and sunny on Sat (is today) - how lovely to be able to wrap up and enjoy it. I couldn't believe it when someone told me Petula was 80, she is looking good!

  4. Lucky you! Still hat and glove weather here! Petula does look good doesn't she? Chrisx

  5. Far too cold to sit out here! (I've always liked Petula too xx


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