Friday, 15 June 2012

Whistle for the June Guys

That is create June Guys thanks to Ayala if you fancy playing along!
Well of course if you know how to put your lips together and whistle...
...then you will know who this latest June Guy is based on!

I have noticed that I seem to be drawing everyone with thinner faces than they have in reality! Why is that? Must try to concentrate more I suppose! ;)

You know what I find most enjoyable about discovering that I can actually draw a face?
The fact that all it takes product wise, is some pencils an eraser and some getting out loads of stuff to make something and then having to put back all that stuff again afterwards...
...I just can't stand the untidiness of it all or I'd leave it out honest I would LOL!!! Bliss ;)

Thanks for looking
I'll be back with more....I can't seem to stop myself!!! ROFL :)
xoxo Sioux


  1. You are certainly addicted to the June guys!! Love this one. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Humphrey Bogart :D
    My theory on why we elongate faces is that we focus on the centre line, and the outer parts of someones face is more of a subliminal image to us(god that sounded almost professional lol). Also I'm told we get a better result if you tilt the page your working on. Check put Amy's blog. she is an amazing portrait painter(and lunatic)and has loads of free tutorials and stuff :D XXX

  3. Another great guy!

    I agree re mess! I was delighted when my husband started to draw cats and dogs and put away his paints! It won't happen to me as I just break pencils! Have a lovely weekend.


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