Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Magnificent service of Beauty

The day here dawned very wet indeed......not much chance of a street party today!
I stayed in bed! Shocking....something I don't do these days..tucked up all nice and cosy, listening to our own church bells pealing out their joyous sound....I turned the tele on and watched the service from St Paul's...


. I thought the Queen suited her outfit...such a pretty colour too.

I found that seeing the queen there on her own made me extremely emotional.

The hymns were all ones I like.
The choral parts divine.
"The call of wisdom" a more fitting song to celebrate, and sung in tune, which the song "Sing" certainly was not in parts last night. 
Yes a service of beauty.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Yes, I thought it was a beautiful service, and agree, that it was so sad that the Duke was unable to be there - I thought the Queen looks so sad and lonely without him by her side. I hope the weather stays fine for the carriage procession this afternoon!

  2. I guess we all felt her sadness at her Prince not being with her. Brought a tear to my eye too :D XXX

  3. Me too, it was extremely sad to see her without him especially as we saw them both here together just a couple of weeks ago looking so happy, speaking to the locals on the market they have such happy memories of Prince Phillip making them all laugh! Such a beautiful service today.

  4. You know, she's not my queen but I like the lady a lot. She is like a whole institution. Many presidents come and go and she is still there!


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