Friday, 22 June 2012

A George sort of chap for June Guys

Why not create June Guys and play along with Ayala?
I did and I am amazing myself at every turn! LOL

Soooo.......with big apologies to George is my next June Guy!!!

I don't think I will ever make fine art, and have embraced the fact that none of my guys are that close to the original photo I am sketching from....I just hope to carry on practising and creating faces in the future that look like faces....that's all I ask ROFL! ;)

Tomorrow is my garden party....I've been having kittens all week about the weather! LOL
But there is nothing I can do to stop what will be will be on that front...
...I had this romantic notion when I chose the date as it's Midsummer's Eve and I thought there would be a balmy night in the offing!!!
Anyways........join me for plenty of wine, cava and my friends.....enjoy the to the music...and most importantly party like this is your last day on earth! ROFL.

I've taken a holiday day today to prepare food and set out stuff....I'll try and post something tomorrow but I am going to be a tad busy so it might not be until Sunday (if I'm not feeling too worse for wear) !!! ROFLIA

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. I so hope RA turns up on your doorstep, mind, you would have to send all your guests home if he did. LOL
    Hugs Joanne xx

    (sending sunshine hopes and wishes)

  2. Hope your party goes off well!! And the sun shines! Hugs trace x


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