Monday, 16 April 2012

W.W.W. and Morels!

I've just returned from a weekend away at a manor house deep in the South Hams with no mobile signal!

The party are all in a wine tasting group and this is their yearly self catering weekend break together but I've been privileged to be invited along the past two years as a guest ;)
The Morning Room

The Drawing Room

View from my bedroom window

It is great fun.....great company, good food and long W.W.W. that's wine tasting weekend walks!!!

One of the (many) hills we had to climb

Devon Banks full of wild flowers

Climbing yet another hill! The views are worth it when you reach the top ;)

I've now been invited to join the wine tasting group officially...even though I can't drink any of the reds!!!
(Love red but a few years ago I started to be ill the day after...even after only one glass so have had to forgo the pleasure) :)

When I got home this morning I went in my garden to check it out and found an amazing surprise.....I've got morel mushrooms growing!!!!

How fab......I thought there were signs of some fungal activity in the bark I laid last November and it turns out my suspicions were correct...........I just hope they will return every year;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Looks like the weather was good to you - and what beautiful scenery. Shame you can't enjoy red wine - I love it! Not that I'd like you to think I drink a lot of it of course... lol! What a gorgeous hotel too.

  2. What a wonderful weekend you have had. Hope the relaxed feeling stays for many weeks :D XXX

  3. Wow you kept that one quiet. What a wonderful weekend for you. Never mind about the red wine, stick to white, red gives you a headache!!
    big hugs Joanne xx

  4. I don't drink at all! but what a lovely week end break! and so exciting having yummy mushrooms in your very own garden ;0) Dawn xx

  5. Loved your post! Great news on al fronts apart from the red wine drinking.

  6. This looks like a VERY nice weekend, but those hills look brutal lol. Stick to the white, no good ever came from red wine :o)

  7. It looks idyllic! Lucky you! Red wine doesn't me any favours either xox


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