Friday, 6 April 2012

Too Young!

My "new" old ledger was played in again and this time I've done a double page spread.....inspiration provided by my mortgage broker would you believe?!
The question of age kept coming up in the process of all the form filling!
;(.....and he reminded me of the fact that in our heads we will always think of ourselves at a certain age that is much younger than our earth years :)

I'll always be about 30  no, 29 'cos I did not want to be 30! Then I really did not want to be 40!
I know I sure as hell did not want to be 50!! ROFL... old are you inside your head and what do you think of RA in the spectacles?
Think he would look good in anything....but a suit or those black leathers would work best for me ROFL?
Stamps used mixture of Stampers Anonymous, The Artistic Stamper, Studio G

I'm entering this in the new Unruly PaperArts reader art quest for inky backgrounds. over at Unruly PaperArts 'cos there is a lot of inkiness here...I actually spilt the yellow ink all over my table and my nails were a weird colour for a few days! LOL ;)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Just in case you can't read the smaller journaling when you click on the picture it says
"Whilst I might see myself this way is there really a Prince Charming out there wearing rose tinted spectacles who sees me in the same way?"


  1. Fantastic page! Love the rich backdrop you created for your images.

    Thanks for questing with us at UPA!

    Don't forget to come back and vote for your favorite entry on the 16th!

  2. Love your page! I couldn't believe it when I turned 50... I think in my head I should be about 30...Have a good weekend.

  3. Oh goodness, this is amazing. Both 'you' and RA look fantastic. My worse time was turning 40, big life changes had been planned for then and everything suddenly hit home, somehow 50 didn't matter but then when 60 came..........I've now decided that I go backwards at birthdays so now I'm around 30.
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  4. What a fantastic roll you are on at the moment! Love your pages! And thank you so much for joining us at UPA with your wonderful inkiness. I still feel 21, no wonder I get on so well with my girls. As you know I probably behave like one too!

  5. OOh fabulous pages, Sioux - love, love, LOVE the juxtaposition of the text and the colours and the images and everything about this. Have a great break!

  6. That is TOTALLY FABULOUS!!!

  7. Fabulous page - youth is wasted on the young and I too will always be too young to be old!

  8. a fabulous page, your background is so rich in colour


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