Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday in so many ways!

Some days suck!!!
Then again....some days make life worth living :)

Today these are the things that made my life worth living!

Yikes! Who needs Italy!

Parrot Tulips waiting to erupt ;)

Walnut Stain...Brushed corduroy...Picket Fence...Wild Honey and Worn Lipstick ;)
a.k.a. my fabby fire pit!

Happy Easter everyone! ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Happy Easter my friend. Your weather looked sunnier and warmer than ours. Your garden is looking great and so glad you are enjoying it so much!

  2. We had a very grey day yesterday but your garden and the sunshine look absolutely fantastic! Hope you have more days like this! Happy Easter! Chrisxx

  3. Love your table with all the delicious goodies and magazines! Nothing better on a warm sunny day. Happy Easter. Jan

  4. Your garden was the best project you have ever done. I can feel your happiness - just wish I could feel your sunshine too! Happy, happy Easter lovely lady.
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  5. Haha Joanne! I too wish I could feel your sunshine Sioux! You are def in the best place!! Hope you have a lovely Easter time. Gez.xx

  6. Your garden is looking smashing btw!

  7. Your garden is looking fabulous. Happy Easter. Tracy x


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