Saturday, 7 April 2012

366 April

Made my April page very late last night for Kate's calender challenge......had far too much Cava during the day and admit to being (very) tipsy as I created this!

Having said that....perhaps I ought to do that more often 'cos I love the colour mixes going on here :) LOL..........Stamps Paperartsy and T!m sentiment.

On a serious note.....the Cava is going to have to be moderated as I've been put on Statins......I tried really hard to lower my cholesterol by natural means but in the end it is not working :( And high cholesterol combined with being diabetic is not a great thing apparently!

So today it's very overcast but earlier I managed lunch in the garden with the sun peeking out now and then, and as you see no Cava!!! That's elderflower cordial mixed with soda water! What a bummer! It tastes nice though ;)
xoxo Sioux

P.S. What the hell am I doing reading Cosmopolitan articles about 20 ways to make your man scream!!! As the title of my book reads it will be a long time coming I expect!!! ROFL :) :)


  1. Ooh, another delicious lunch.... shame about the Cava though! I have high cholesterol too.... it's a bummer isn't it - all the 'good' things that we're not suppose to indulge in!
    Love the April diary page... the colour palette is great. I meant to do this at the start of the year... bit late now, methinks!

  2. Well, I have no comment to make about the Cava except, that's a shame - by that I refer to drinking elderflower and the like. I have just enjoyed a glass of dry white and am now indulging in another. You will gather from that statement - I don't do cordials !!!! OOps!
    Big Hugs Joanne xx

  3. Great pages - perhaps being tipsy helped, he, he? I sometimes mess around while watching TV and find I really enjoy playing that way - occasionally with a drink or two :-) Your meal looks very civilised... best of luck with the tablets!

  4. I agree the Cava certainly did the trick on that page. Could not be more yummier, just like your lunch. Love asparagus!

  5. How lovely to have some Cava whilst playing on your pages. Love the way you have extended your pages.


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