Wednesday, 7 March 2012

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Hi a journal page again, the one that was on my WOYWW table....inspired by reading books and the fact that a lot of people read the back page last!!!
Not that I ever do that.........well not often!!! LOL

In the past month I have started to read a book again (you may have seen the book resting on my patio table the other day) what, you say!
It's shocking but due to life getting in the way in the past few years....firstly looking after a mother with dementia and her death....then Pip getting ill.....having continually failing health and then his left me with my ability to concentrate on reading a book totally annihilated!!!

In consequence I have not read a book from cover to cover for over 7 years!!!
Shocking!!! And that is from someone who used to devour books LOL
It's been soooo long that my library card had been deactivated and I had to rejoin again, which I did just the other night :)

I like the colours which are slightly more vibrant IRL......a mixture of T!m stamps along with my own hand carved tyre tread round the edges and my wings from The Artistic Stamper Dance plate and a dragonfly in gold at the top that you just might be able to see if you click on the picture ;)
I've just realised I can enter this in Hels Sundy Stamper where she asks us to use diamonds 'cos I used T!m's little diamond stamp in the background I hope that counts! ;)

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. A very thought provoking page! Gorgeous to look at, and a little unnerving to think about...don't think I would..I prefer the adventure :D XXX

  2. I love this page!! I hope you enjoy your book - no skipping to the end now - I have to say I never do that myself!

  3. Great page; though I have to ask; did you do this on the last page of your journal?!

  4. An utterly amazing background full of interest. I just knew you wouldn't stay away from books for much longer. Enjoy every one. Perhaps the C of C vol 2 may prove a good read!!!????
    Hugs Joanne xx

  5. isnt it strange what we get out of the habit of doing, I would definatley not skip to the last page, the journey is the fun part...good luck with your book I love your journal page...thanks for your congratulations it meant so much to me
    Mina xxx

  6. Love Love Love this tag. I'm another person that enjoys every day as it comes, as long as I'm able to be creative. Hugs Rita xx

  7. awww, I am so happy to hear you are reading again... it is the one and only thing that I can continue to do no matter how crappy life gets... the ability to get into the plot and forget about bad stuff helps... and I truly hope that you have your bookworm bug back... LOVE your page... and nope, I wouldn't skip to the last page, I might have a sneaky peek though lol Lotsa love hunny and thanks for joining in xx

  8. Beautiful words.. not sure I would skip but things couldn't get much worse hey? Your page is a good reminder to enjoy the


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