Tuesday, 6 March 2012

March 366 calendar

Have been debating whether to carry on with Kate's 366 calendar challenge......'cos I don't think it's doing my head space any favours.......all it is doing is showing up what an uninteresting and pointless life I lead!!! LOL

Don't get me wrong I am in the main happy with my lot but not sure this is right for me....anyway I've decided to carry on a bit longer the days are getting longer, summer is on it's way and I might start to feel more enthused by life...
(I've never suffered from SAD before but I think I might have this year)
...you never know what might be round the corner do you?!!

(RA with a bit of luck!) ROFL

Here is Feb finished..although I'm not revealing what's under the flip out bit 'cos some of it is too personal to share even with you dear friends! ;)

and the start of March.

Thanks for looking and thanks Kate for the challenge 'cos for me it really is!! LOL
xoxo Sioux


  1. Love your March page and really like the idea of the flap. Well done on keeping going. You don't have to share your completed pages if you don't want to, I don't until the end of the year. :) Hugs Anesha

  2. I agree... well done for ploughing ahead...chase that SAD away :) I like the idea of flaps so that you can keep things personal yet still show your lovely art. x

  3. your calander pages look just fab!!! Hugs Juls

  4. Sioux, your journal pages look just great. Pease keep going. Like you I have stuff I will not want to share and using flaps is a wonderful way to keep that really personal stuff safe. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine today.
    Hugs Sue xxx

  5. Stick with it sweetheart...then at the end of the year you can read back and make your resolutions for next year based on the boring bits of this year :D As in " I resolve to make February less boring by..." :D XXX

  6. I think it does the same to us all, Sioux - work, work and more work is in mine because I'm too knackered to do much else when I get in and usually work in the evenings, too! But I use my pages differently - I journal across them, paying little attention to date and use it as another page in my personal journal. Use it as it works for you - don't be bound by convention - you've made fab pages and your work is wonderful! You wouldn't be normal if you weren't feeling the pain of being alone after what happened, but you'll be able to see where your life begins to change again if you carry on and it WILL get better!!! Most of us learn to live with what we have in our own way. Please stay with it!! Love xxx

  7. I love yor work, and flaps are a good idea.

  8. Love both months pages, I do think the little flaps really add to your pages(as well as keeping something to yourself) I do hope you stick with it - everything changes! btw tried to leave comment about your garden and blogger wouldn't let me - it's looking great!
    Hugs, Chrisx

  9. Your pages are lovely, and the secrecy panel is a great idea. I think many of us in the challenge worry about not having anything interesting to put in the squares, but I'm sure you'll be glad if you stick with it.


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