Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I think I'm a Scanner!

I was at the doctors yet again this morning for my yearly diabetic tests and some more bloods!
There I was waiting to see the nurse and flicking through a magazine ("Red") browsing an article when a surge of bright white light ignited in my head!

I believe I am a Scanner!

This explains quite a lot... don't know how frustrating and depressing it can be unless you share these feelings that include...

"I can never stick to anything."

"I know I should focus on one thing, but which one?"
"I lose interest in things I thought would interest me forever."

"I keep going off on another tangent."

"I get bored as soon as I know how to do something."

"I can't stand to do anything twice."

"I pull away from what I'm doing because I'm afraid I'll miss something better."

"I'm too busy, but when I do find time I can't remember what I wanted to do."
"I keep changing my mind about what I want to do and end up doing nothing."

I have made bold the phrases that are particularly relevant to me although all the rest are hanging around in the background most of the time.
This is a bit of a revelation and....I hope I'm not coming across as some sort of weirdo...but if I can find out how to break this or go with it which seems to be the answer in the little I read...
...perhaps I can start to concentrate on something or anything or everything LOL and...

..."Enjoy the Journey" !!!

(As you know who says ;))

Thanks for reading my strange post today...
...I don't think I have lost the plot, I believe I have found the plot today!!
xoxo Sioux

P.S. Then again it could just be because now my blood sugars are a bit low instead of being a bit high!!! LOL


  1. Well I was going to reply but can't remember what I wanted to say 'cos I have to make my DT piece and I want to look through my Tim prize just arrived, but then I thought I would tell you about.................Oh never mind. See ya.
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  2. LOL! This sounds quite familiar... have a good day!

  3. Love your post, you sound like me. LOL Have a great day. :)

  4. Come hang with me and my friends...weirdo is normal lol :D XXX

  5. Wow, think I tick all those boxes too, must be a good thing I say! xx

  6. Sioux don't change a thing, we loves ya just as you

  7. Ha Hah -you just described me and I thought I was unique!

  8. I keep repeating over and over in my head "FOCUS, FOCUS" and it just doesn't work - welcome to my world Sioux! (only trouble is it's not a great help when there's still so much to sort!!!)

  9. Sounds very 'normal' to me! Lol! xox

  10. lol you do make me smile....I thought you were reading my mind when I started reading those statements!

  11. cor I have had to come back and read this post in installments.. you know so I could get the whole thing rofl Just kidding... I think it is a mild case and more likely to be a severe infestation of Januaryblooze... I get it every 12 months or so... there is a rememdy... it is called Onlineshoppingitis.. and it does work.. only in small and regular doses though... I have found that overdoing the Onlineshoppingitis only leads to another ailment called Dreadingthebankstatementavoidancetheray.... lemme know if it works ;o))



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