Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Crafts for Crafters

So....anyone going to Craft 4 Crafters at Exeter Westpoint on Saturday?
I'm going ;)
Have been good and spent every weekend this month not going anywhere that involves the slightest chance of shopping LOL...
...'cos I find that just stepping outside my front door at the weekends invariably means that I end up spending money I have not got!!!
So indulge me on Saturday.....I just hope there is something that I really, really want when I get there.......or all that denial will have been in vain!!! HOL
Come back tomorrow for the new monthly Artistic Stamper challenge.....see you!
xoxo Sioux


  1. I had a very lean month in January too (mainly due to work not being able to pay me for December till mid January... grrrr) but hope to go to Stevenage on the 12th, weather permitting. Can't do Bluewater this weekend (would love to see Lin and Leandra, but it isn't possible) Leandra has been tweeting some great new stash Paperartsy are stocking so......
    Oh, and the bubble wrap background is only on the scraps pile for somewhere to keep it - I intend to use it (not sure when though!) Thanks for your comments, as always.

  2. I guess we all made the same secret resolution..to try not to need everything we see lol. Hope the snow clears away in time for your trip :D XXX

  3. Enjoy Sioux. I'm sure you will find that 'something' that you just cannot do without.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. Think Minxy will be there, bit far for me unfortunately! xox


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