Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Garden Watch - Day 9

Monday was a very so so sort of day weather started very grey and gloomy with a bit of mizzle/drizzle but the man who can turned up anyway bright and early as usual ;)
Unfortunately that flippin' weather keeps getting in the way and it rained hard from about 10 to 12.30!!
Got back at lunch and the rocks for retaining the wild bit had been sorted...

..some levelling of the ground where the gravel is to go...

...there just seems to be lots of different levels! LOL...

...and then I had to project manage...oooh get me!!! LOL...
and decide on the layout for the lower patio to make best use of the remaining slabs and to catch the last rays of the sun in the evening :)
When I got back just after 5 it looked like this... little joke there, it was not quite pitch black but I could not take photo's it was that dark!!!! So I had to take my piccies on Tuesday morning bright and early and I just did not have time to post them yesterday :(
So when I got home it really looked like this. :)

Tuesday was fine and dry all day so I'll try and post those tomorrow (prepared to be amazed!).....but heaven help us on the following 3 days as the weather is closing in although it's possible it might not rain till 6 at night on Wednesday!!!
xoxo Sioux


  1. I still can't get over how BIG your garden is. The transformation will be marvelous and I am so looking forward to seeing it complete with plants etc. You could rent it out for film shoots soon. I reckon a certain person would look good in black leather sat atop a horse with a sword in hand on the lower
    Hugs Joanne xx

  2. Wow!! The space is looking much bigger now, and Ha! Ha! very funny :D XXX


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