Thursday, 3 November 2011

Garden Watch - Day 10

Day 10 (Tuesday)
Prepare to be amazed!!!!
(I got all emotional!!!)

It was a full day with no interruptions for weather...Hurrah!!
It was getting a little tight on the slab front i.e. there were not really enough left!!!
....It could have been a disaaaaaaaaster dahling ! LOL
So Gary (the man that can) suggested taking up the four in front of the small shed...

...and filling that area with gravel.........he's a star!

I am really, really pleased with the layout of the lowest patio...

...I had been a little worried that it would not look quite right as the square slabs, a donation from my dear neighbours that were surplus to their requirements, were not quite the same size or depth but Gary to the rescue again....he certainly knows what he is doing ;)

The retaining bricks around the veggie patch were completed, membrane put down and the gravel path made with the bird table re-sited too... soil added to the beds and the arch in place...
...(I've got a pink rose "Times Past" and a lovely purple clematis "Romantica" on order)...
...I have plans for this garden to be full of symbolism...
...that only I (and of course you!) will be aware of ;)

Fingers crossed that Wednesday sees the rain holding off till after 5 as there is still the enclosing wall to be built, finishing the gravel path, a back gate to fit, pointing to be done and a lid to be made for the old coal bunker that we both agreed could cause more problems than it was worth if it was broken up!!!

 I'm crossing my fingers for Saturday and Sunday to do the planting...but...I'm not prepared to get a soaking even if the plants might like it!!!

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. It's all taking shape now; how exciting for you! Soon you'll be painting with plants!

  2. Wow, looking real good now! I can see why you are feeling emotional. I would too!

  3. It looks great, Sioux, and I can't wait to see it all planted up - but don't do it in the rain and catch a cold, please!! A few days won't hurt....

  4. Wow Sioux. Your garden looks amazing. I bet you're thrilled to bits with it....I would be.
    A x

  5. So pleased for you - looks terrfic! Jo x

  6. I can see the slope now and get the prospective of it all. I can also visualise colour seeping over the bottom slabs and the arch becoming a living one. Not sure about the motorbike under cover on the middle bit though LOL. I can also see this beautiful space going in the yellow book......
    Hugs Joanne xx

  7. Wow it's looking amazing, it must be wonderful to think about all the plants from scratch and what they will mean to you. look forward to the veggie patch. (why don't you start a blog just for the garden?) you have the begining and maybe the blog will help you to continue to do things (I know we can get a we bit fed up sometimes. But while it's still exciting and new why not go for it, I would log in to see how the plants & veg go ;0)

  8. Looking Maaarvelous Dahling!!
    Love the secret meanings your adding with the planting :D and you could always use the old bunker to store pots and potting compost :D XXX

  9. It's looking good so far. Bet you can't wait to get some plants in those beds. :)


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