Monday, 14 November 2011

Garden Watch Bulb and Bark Day!

Saturday dawned bright and fine and it was off to the hairdresser for my cut first thing.
Walked to town and back....part of the diet and trying to be healthy thing plus it also saves on the petrol and parking!!! LOL It takes about 25 minutes each way.
Got home and sorted my lunch ready for later and started with the task of planting the rest of the stuff I did not get round to last weekend.....and the even bigger task of planting all my bulbs!!!

I laid the bulbs (and the bare root plants that luckily came in the post that morning) on the ground in their packets for starters to get an idea of colour combo's ;)
I had what I thought was lots of bulbs...they certainly took me ages to plant!! But again looking a little sparse when laid on the soil ready to go!

I managed to totally finish the smaller bed by the end of Saturday including putting down the bark....heavens those bags are heavy...the sack truck helped but they are still heavy!
By the end of Sunday I had run out of bark.....

and run out of patience....but finished all I could at this precise moment as I need to make a trip to the garden centre next weekend for some more always need far more than you think!!! more good day will see the end of the planting but I have to hope that the three roses and a peony still to arrive do so soon and also hope the weather will be O.K. for the man who can to finish off the bamboo bed so I can totally finish the planting.....

Then I really need to have a while off this planting malarkey!!! HOL weight last week was 73 kilo and this week it's hovering just slightly past the 72 kilo mark so that's good.
Thank for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. I think your garden is looking totally transformed - sounds like you had a great workout on Saturday with all that exercise! Good on you...

  2. Wow it's looking fantastic. So that's a garden makeover, a hair makeover and a body makeover. No wonder you need a rest.
    Am emailing seperately.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  3. Garden looking awesome and Way to Go!! on the weight loss:D XXX

  4. Saw garden watch and had to come and look... it is looking brilliant... you can come and do my garden anytime..once i get one that is..
    its been so nice watching it grow...
    Congrats on the weight loss too..
    Well done you..

  5. Gosh Sioux it's gorgeous - and the planting is going to look must be so pleased, well worth the work, huh. So satisfying!

  6. Your garden is looking fabulous, all the hard work has paid off and exercise at the same time. I agree about the bark, so heavy, I struggle to lift them. Well done on the diet front too. You wait til Spring your bulbs will be a picture. Tracy x

  7. Your garden is looking really brill and with the added bonus of weight loss eh? Well done you.
    A x

  8. Just had a quick flick round your blog to catch up, Looks like you have been mega busy in the garden, it's looking amazing, well done you.. also congrats at your weight loss, well done you xo

  9. It's all looking wonderful Sioux, I love planning and redoing gardens nad have landscaped quite a few for friends and relatives. Hope you're enjoying doing yours. The great thing is that you'll enjoy it for years to come! Lovin your artwork too.
    x Michelle

  10. Gosh, you've worked hard, Sioux but it will all be so worthwhile in the end. What a fab job you've made of it all! Am seriously impressed :-)


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