Monday, 28 November 2011

Diet Watch Monday

I was out on Saturday night for the switch on of the Christmas lights/firework display and after for a meal with some friends....

...the first of many calorie rich outings that's happening between now and January!!!
However the meal in the restaurant on the quay (the Market House) turned into a bit of a shambles and did not turn out to be quite so calorie rich after all!! LOL
Two other couples with us had already arrived and ordered their wine and us three sat down and tried to order ours but they had run out!!!
Now when I tell you that there is only a limited wine menu with only 4 white wines (it's not that cheap either....well not compared to Wetherspoons LOL) I think you will agree with me that that is quite inexcusable!!! We are talking a chain here not an owner operator! (St Austell brewery's by the way)
I had been before and was not that impressed than and I'm even less impressed now! The waiter is really nice...he has served us before...but when he suggested the Sauvignon Blanc instead my friend nearly went ballistic and said something like I don't think so it's a lot dearer...that is unless you are going to give it us for the same price....the answer to that was a no from the floor manager!! Anyway the wine we eventually got was O.K. but it was not exactly what we had hoped for so we only had the one bottle between us.
I had already planned not to have a starter 'cos quite frankly these days I can't managed three courses comfortably and I really wanted to have a pudding.....we all did! :)
So the mains arrived and I have to say I did enjoy my veggie lasagne with garlic bread.....bliss after so many weeks without bread/pasta....there were little niggles with some of the other meals though.....the crab linguine was decidedly lacking in's cheap from Brixham market too!......and the fish and chips with the catch of the day...which makes it sound like something nice from Brixham market turned out to be that is really cheap too but their charges are not!!! They said it was tasty but the rip off factor sort of added to my negative thoughts on the meal.
Now for the puds that we all were looking forward to...........sorry we have sold out of nearly everything was what we heard...only apple pie and apple and blackberry pie left not even any ice cream....oh they had cheese and biscuits but only one person was even vaguely interested in that!!!.....I was not interested in any pastry based pud and neither as it turned out was anyone else so we paid the bill and left!!!
Went back to a couples house not far from the harbour and had a glass of wine/coffee and biscuits and cheese there....well I had one biscuit and one bit of cheese LOL ;)
So long story evening was now not as calorific as I had thought it would be and now for the weight...
I'm STILL 73 kilo!
Oh well....if I can manage to at least stay the same through the festive season I'll be happy :)
xoxo Sioux


  1. A plateau is a good thing - it means you aren't putting it on! Cor, sorry about your Saturday, how disappointing...specially when you're kinda geared up to drinking a few calories and burning up to a pudding. Guess you won't be trying them out again.

  2. You did well staying the same weight, well done. Never been to that restaurant and won't now. It's the same old story all over the place these days. So sad.
    Hugs Joanne xx


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