Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Garden Watch - Day 6

There was no garden watch yesterday as Monday was a total washout here! :(
But hurrah! The man who can is back and managed to get a couple more courses done on the higher patio and the cement down ready for laying the slabs....

...built the retaining wall for the new wider path to the greenhouse...

...and wow! I have the start of steps down from the greenhouse :)...

...all that and there was an almighty rain storm in the middle of the day!!!

Just to lighten the never ending brick work ;) are the plants I bought on Sunday at Trago Mills...

these will eventually grow into much larger shrubs.....I'll just have to be patient...

...these two are a bit larger...

...and these are two large oleander that I decided to invest in to help give a bit of structure now.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Love those new plants - hope you get to "install" them soon - it's coming along.... fingers crossed for the weather (hmmmm forecast not brilliant again!)

  2. With the climate in Devon, your plants will soon grow. This is all so exciting for you and sharing it with us 'out there', makes it exciting for me too.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  3. Looking good, and well donr to man who can for getting all this done on a one of the rainiest days of the year :D XXX

  4. Looks like all is going well so far. Bet you can't wait to put the plants in. :)

  5. Looking great, it will look fantastic with all those plants. Tracy x


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