Sunday, 23 October 2011

Food Festival

Today there is no garden watch!
It's Sunday and the man who can does not work.......he deserves the days off 'cos whilst he is here he certainly grafts.....I can recommend him if you are looking for a landscaper in the Torbay area :)
So today I'm sharing my day at the Dartmouth Food Festival.

Across the river to Dartmouth....such great weather.

Coming into the landing stage for the passenger ferry.

First stop for coffee at our favourite coffee stop.
Great food stalls but some sections were given too little room and the paying public could not get close to sample, enjoy and purchase :( can't go to a food festival and not be festive can you?
So here are some of the delights on offer :))))

Cookery demo.

You can see that it was a given that the diet was ditched for the day!!!

I broke it and just had to have potato wedges with chilli dip for lunch....OMG it was divine! :)
Lets not mention all the glasses of wine we had shall we?!!! HOL
xoxo Sioux


  1. I'm glad you gave the poor chap a day off, Sioux, lol!!
    The food festival looks amazing and what beautiful weather.
    I love wandering about tasting all the the lovely things. Those cupcakes look yummy and I can almost taste your wedges. I'm so glad you ditched the diet for a day. It'll be back tomorrow with your man that does I'm sure.
    Hugs Lisa

  2. What a great day out that looks. Not surprised you had to bin the diet!

  3. haha! the cupcakes caught my eye too!! Glad you had a fab time! You both deserved a day off..the man that can and the diet! Have a good week! Gez.xx

  4. Oh thank you so very much for the memories of Dartmouth - another of my most favourite places. Riverford food too, super. What a beautiful day you had and believe me, I joined you on the ferry from Kingswear whilst looking at the photo. got a tear in my eye now.
    Hugs Joanne xx


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