Friday, 30 September 2011


The other week I went to an art exhibition held at Torre Abbey in Torquay.
"Death and the Maiden" showing works by the late Robert say he was eccentric is probably putting it mildly! There is a real embalmed body on display...that of Diogenes....a tramp that was one of the painters muses.
Now I find some of his paintings hauntingly beautiful but none of the ones I like were on display and quite frankly the body was not art to me....but.....but.....
The entrance ticket included looking around the rest of the permanent art, ruins and gardens which was great as I had never visited sad when it's on my doorstep!
The most amazing thing was that I saw a painting by a pre Raphalite who I greatly admire

William Holman Hunt

Yes I could not believe it! The real deal right in front of made my day! :)
See you Saturday for an Artistic Stamper piece for the October monthly challenge.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Sounds an interesting exhibition!!

  2. I would have enjoyed that but DH would have made all kinds of weird noises!!!!!
    Hugsw Joanne xx


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