Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh! To kiss a frog?

I had the most fabulous suprise package sent to me on Saturday.
I love opening parcels when you have no idea what is inside, don't you?
All I knew was that is was from one of my northern chums Joanne 'cos she had written her name on the back ;)
I'd like you to read this piece of prose that was inside before I reveal the whacky but divine shrine she made me 'cos I'm off to Paris real soon. (click on it to enlarge if necessary)

Now that you have read it here is the divine shrine in all it's glory.....

The froggie on top....I love that he is sitting on a marigold (a French one of course ;))

One side decorated with a T!m French postage stamp

One side decorated with a quirky Mona Lisa (I don't think I can bare all the crowds at the Louvre just to get a glimpse while I'm there!)

One side decorated with a snail...or should I say un escargot ;) (a gorgeous Artistic Stamper stamp by the way)

It stands on four butterfly feet
And the front has the Eifel Tower stamped on acetate so that you can gaze inside to the far wall....can you see what I can see?

Yes it's the man himself RA!!!
Well what would you do? Eat or kiss the frog? I'd be chancing a kiss if I was lucky enough to come across one whilst I'm in Paris I can tell you!!! ROFL :)
It made my whole week receiving it and I could not stop chuckling to myself all day ;)

I desparately needed to keep the prose with the shrine so with Joanne's approval I rolled it up and put it in a T!m vial, tied a bit of bling round the top and placed it inside.

Be still my beating heart!
Thank you.....thank you.....thank you Joanne...the details are just fabulous!
Will Paris itself be able to top this? It could be a very close call!!!
xoxo Sioux


  1. oh wow hun this is one stunning gift gosh the detail on this is just incredible can see why you just love it,hope you have a wonderful trip to paris hun hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  2. What a fabulous gift, so thoughtful. Enjoy your trip to PARIS. Tracy x

  3. What a lovely gift, so thoughtful and clever. Hope your entertaining on Friday went well and the trip is all you hope for - frogs not withstanding!!

  4. How fabulous. Great fun and full of friendship.

  5. It's about 328 miles from my house to yours and I swear I could hear your laughter!!
    Big Hugs Joanne xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. He!he! Joanne has really come up trumps with this! Seen the M L twice(once with my sons) and didn't have any crowd problems - early morning and late afternoon, but have to say that I prefer the Rodin museum and the Orsay to the Louvre!
    Have fun, love, Chrisx

  7. Really lovely. Hope you have a fab time in Paris.
    Sue xxx

  8. What an amazing gift to receive, Sioux. How kind people are aren't they?. I can see why you love it so much, it's perfect for your coming trip.
    Hugs Lisax


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