Friday, 3 June 2011

A lovely day in Exeter

I took a holiday day off work yesterday to go to Exeter with my friends (they work in schools have to take school holidays) we went by bus then train. It was a glorious day (how come I was freezing to death only last Saturday....nearly turned my central heating on!....and yesterday was scorching?
First port of call had to be for coffee...we sat in a little square that has an very old church still in use on one side...

...and another church (ruins) on the other side.

Had a smooch around the shops...the others bought Paris travel guides ready for our trip later in the summer (I bought mine before Christmas, I'm that excited) and by that time it was time for lunch so we headed for "The Fat Pig".
It's a lovely quirky bistro pub.......

..we shared some wine... the travel guides out and dreamed of Paris...
..ate some great food...
...surrounded by an eclectic mix of stuff...

Old mirrors that had seen better days but look soooooo atmospheric...

...Love the wall sconces...

...A lantern...

...A fabulous wall of flowers...

...And my favourite shot of the day (can you tell I've been practicing with my new camera? LOL)
This artistic collection of herbs growing in old wooden boxes and the best bit?
...obviously the sheep's skull placed on the window sill behind!!!

Hope you liked the pics ;)
Thanks for sharing the day in Exeter.
I'll be back tomorrow with my next Artistic Stamper piece....see you then.
xoxo Sioux


  1. What a great place Exeter looks - you always find such interesting nooks and crannies! Love that wall of flowers. How much prettier than bare brick.

  2. Glad you had a great day. Looks like a lovely place. :)

  3. What an exciting day. A great taster of photos. Am now looking forward to the Paris gems.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. thanks for sharing your fab piccy's!! that wall art is amzing .... I can see that bieng a wonderful source of inspiration!! Hugs Juls

  5. Great photos, I love Exeter! S x

  6. Thanks for sharing - I really enjoyed my day out with you all (via the blog of course).


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