Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I (almost) Love my Garden!

It is in my genes to make contact with nature and tend the soil.

...my dear departed Dad decided to become a professional gardener after the second World War, it helped heal his broken outlook on the workings of humanity! He never glorified his time in the Army...barely spoke of it but...he made quite sure I knew the horror it entails at a very (very) early age. It made me into a pacifist at heart.

But sometimes I love the idea of gardening more than I actually love gardening! LOL

Pip and I managed to sort out the front patch and create a much more pleasing on the eye vista than the higgedly-piggedly slabs that existed (although we saved them to re-lay and re-purpose in the back garden).....nothing fancy but easy to look after.

The back garden...or as Pip mockingly called it "The Meadow" HOL...was in serious need of a make over too but he became too ill to attempt it.

So it has languished over the past 3 years steadily crumbling away little by little and a few weeks ago the top part of paving on the raised area (I'm standing on it to take the above picture) started to tip and sink!

...it still feels safe enough but who knows!!!

So after much pondering (something I seem to do a lot of! LOL) I have decided to use some of my precious funds to get the whole thing sorted......not sure if I can really afford to spend the money it will no doubt cost but then again I can't afford not to either!
...it's got to be the way to go.

I just hope my car does not give up the ghost at the same time!

I have reasoned that......

1. It will be easier to maintain....a BIG consideration for me now I am on my own!

2. It will add value to the house hopefully or at the very least make it more attractive to any future potential buyer!

3. It will look heaps better! :) :)

4. I will be able to indulge myself and create some wide beds full of shrubs and stuff and try to make an enclosed type space that will carry me away to far off places as I sit in the sun with my Cava!! HOL

I am thinking a mix of Spanish Moorish...

...Monty Don Italianate...

...National Trust treasure!

Well.....I can dream can't I? ;)

5. I know I am going to spend many happy hours there....it is going to make me very happy :)
...Yes, even happier than creating a dedicated craft room in my dining room, which I have also decided not to do! Crikey all these decisions!!!

You know what? Since making this momentous decision I feel a certain lightness of being about the whole thing and life in general.
Watch this space.....I am on the case and expecting a man who can to give me a (not too heart stopping) quote any day now!
xoxo Sioux


  1. Hey , you go for it. Living in the most glorious part of our country as you do, you HAVE to enjoy the sunshine. Also, having a garden there is a massive bonus considering all those hills!! When it's done, I'll send you some herb seeds for your Italian meals - after you've made them grow of course LOL
    Big Hugs
    Joanne xxx

  2. Your dream gardens look amazing - I hope you get something close to it!! Good luck with your quote - hope you are sitting down when you open it!

  3. Wow! Love your enthusiasm :D If I could just work myself up like that to do the housework I'd be sorted :D!! XXX

  4. Sounds like you have some good plans for your garden. Can't wait to see it all completed. Have a great day. :)

  5. My late Dad was also in the army and a professional gardener, never spoke much about the war but I can still hear him sometimes when I do something that he would disapprove of in the garden - he hated random planting and planned his own garden to the last lettuce!! Good Luck with your plans, Chrisx

  6. A beautiful garden with not only look good but give you an out door sanctuary it sounds wonderful ;0) make sure we get picks Dxx

  7. Hi, three generations of my family, my great-grandfather, my father and myself, were in the army and we all were (great-grandfather was the only professional) or became keen gardeners - seems your dad was not alone in this. Your garden looks huge and a lot of work. Much as I love your dream gardens, especially Monty's, I no longer have aspirations for a high-maintenance plot - we downsized the garden, not the house, as we got older. We've also replaced a lot of difficult plants with easier to maintain shrubs - bonus, the birds love them. Hope your quote comes in affordable so you can carry out your plans. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #83

  8. I think you are definitely doing the right thing, Sioux. My garden brings me peace and tranquility when times is tough!!! I find it wonderful medicine to go and bash about for a bit planting or pruning or just sitting and listening to the birds. For me it would definitely be the last photo!!
    I can't wait to see more piccies once it's all done and you're on the fun bit of planting. If I lived nearer I'd be round to help!!
    Hugs Lisax

  9. I agree with all your reasons for making over the garden... I really enjoyed your post, it made me smile... I think a mixture of the first two looks!! Have you seen my garden on my blogs?? It is a bit in need of a tidy up this year after all that dreadful loss in the frosty winter... these photos are all that is left of some of my plants, but I am rebuilding too...


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