Saturday, 25 June 2011

Gothic Arches Orgasm!

Bear with me on this post as there are lots of pics but I'd like to share something (s) I discovered today!
I really ought to work 7 days a week 'cos every time I walk out my front door on a day off it costs me money!! HOL
Today was a day of good things to feast the eyes (and stomach) on!
I drove to Totnes today.....purely to get some clear embossing powder and silicone glue....but you know how it is....I ended up with a couple more items! ;)
The local art shop had updated their stock of Neo Colour II and I bagged a couple of metallic ones....will try them out tomorrow...I'm intrigued ;)

I am still awaiting the final verdict on the Melt Pot to see if it can be I decided I really needed to buy a little milk pan with a good pouring lip to try melting UTEE on the hob...and I found the most divine one in the great kitchen shop there... works a treat ;)...number 3 setting on the ceramic hob did the trick...who needs a Melt Pot!!

Oh dear! It looks like my kitchen is going to become another crafting venue!!!

I went across to the market after the craft and art shops and there were so many new people with lovely things....if you know Totnes it is a very arty/new age sort of place ;)

There was an artisan bread stall and I decided to try the German Rye is scrummy especially with the Camembert...

...Had lots of Camembert over the years but I tried this for the first time last weekend courtesy of Laura and it is the bestest one by miles :)

The antique/bric-a-brac stalls were also full of divine stuff but my purse is limited and I stared and admired and moved on...until.....until........OMG!
............I saw these!

I could not believe my eyes as I have been pondering how on earth I could make something exactly like these myself!!! Spookey!

You open the doors and there is a mirror....

...I tried not to look too ecstatic...nudge, nudge ;) ;) and casually asked how much he was asking.....yep the sort of stall that does not display prices...usually a sign I can't afford it!!! HOL
He said that yesterday they were £20.00 but they got rained on and really needed waxing again.....(I could not see it myself!) today he was asking £15.00 each...
...I could not believe I actually did what I did then.....I said "How much if I buy two?"
I know.....I don't know where the brazenness of that came from...honestly I don't!
I got the pair for £25.00 which I consider to be a bargain....they are made from re-cycled stuff (that's very Totnes too!)
I don't really care if I find out in the future that they are mass produced in Taiwan either 'cos I am giddy in lurve with them!!! LOL

I have loads of pictures waiting to go back on my's a long story...
...but I got my $&*! in gear when I got back and somehow managed to get them lined up and hung :)
(do you know how difficult that little job is on your own!?)

...they look divine when they have a candle lit...

...I could be back in the old days of yore with Robin and his band of merry men...

or then again...with Guy of Gisburn in the castle......I'm sure you know which one I'd plump for! ROFL!!!!
Sorry for all the exclamation marks in this post ...but it was just that sort of day :)
Thanks for sharing my orgasm!
xoxo Sioux

P.S. I'm just going to have to do it all again next week 'cos there was a lady with a herb stall and I've been after a lovage plant for yonks and although she did not have one this week she said she usually you want to tag along next Saturday?


  1. I love these little arches, they are just Fabulous!!! Hugs Juls

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun there! Personally I love exclamation marks and rarely write a sentence without them! just excitable I guess!! Love the arches and glad you have managed to get the UTEE problem sorted! I love my melt pot and would hate for it to break (not that I have used it for months but you know what I mean!) also let me know how you get on with the Neo Colour II stuff as I have no idea what they are! Have a good day :)

  3. Oooow Yes please !!! I am so with you on those arches, GORGEOUS!!! But we may come to blows over Gisbourn :D XXX

  4. Sounds like you had a fab day - and what an amazing place it sounds - love those arches - well done on knocking the price down!
    Your melt pot replacement looks ideal.

  5. My goodness, I went in every shop with you and would kill to be there next week. But alas, no southern trip for us this year. My pans came from that cook shop along with a mass of other things over the years. I love Totnes so much, unfortunately though, that bloomin' lottery email hasn't arrived yet - again!!!
    Hugs Joanne xx
    Hey! thanks for the memory.........

  6. Wow! I was getting quite excited as you described your day! Well done on the bargaining, they do look fantastic, especially with the candles. Have fun with your goodies this week, Chrisx

  7. What a fantastic post.. I was hanging on your every word. Be damned with preview my apologies if I make spelling mistakes! I SOOOO want to come shopping with you :-D
    Hope you get your plant.xx

  8. You got some lovely purchases!!


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