Monday, 6 June 2011

Blogger problems - or not!

Hi folks!
Just thought I would share my experience of Blogger these past few weeks!!
Like many others I had difficulty with the big problem they had about 3 weeks ago when none of us could access our blogs!!!
"une catastrophe magnifique n'est-ce pas?"
Practising for Paris!!! ;)
Well....eventually we can all gain access again but a strange thing happened with me.
My home computer calmed down and is now behaving as per normal...I sign in am kept signed in even when I go off visiting people so it is easy to leave comments just like the old days  LOL

Now the big strange thing is that on the computer at work it has never got back to normal and seems to have slowed down!!
I sign in and whilst I am on my dashboard I can edit my posts etc but as soon as I view my own blog or any other blog I become unsigned in and cannot leave comments....well I could but they would be anonymous and I don't want to do that!

Both computers use Internet Explorer so in a way I am lucky that I can try to work out what may be wrong!! Just think if I only had the one computer at home as many of us do? Nightmare!!!

Anyway I decided to leave well enough alone on the home one and tried every which way of the suggestions on Blogger to no avail with the one at work!!!
At last today I can now sign in and access everything just like the one at home and the miracle that made it happen is switching my browser from IE to Google Chrome!
It does not make sense to me that IE at home is O.K. and the one at work is not, but at least I can access everything both at home and at work now! Phew!!!

Just thought it might help anyone having the same issues :)
xoxo Sioux
My only problem now is getting used to the new look interface for using the net!


  1. Thanks for the tip Sioux. Trouble with Google Chrome for me is the last time I tried to switch to it it completely messed my computer. I'm having the comment trouble but am so frightened to 'experiment' 'cos I just do everything with my laptop now and can't be without it. Looks like another 'Dave' job to me!!
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  2. Thank you for the tip Sioux. It all seems a bit intermitent for me - some sites I can leave comments and not on others ? Which doesn't seem to make sense. Like Joanne I tried Google Chrome and it just messed up everything on the computer and I couldn't even see some sites! At least by sharing our experiences we now that it is a bit more widespread than just our own PC! Thanks for sharing.
    (See if I manage to leave this comment : lol!

  3. Very strange. i've been telling people about Google Chrome for weeks now, ever since we all lost our pictures.

    The root is that Blogger is making a lot of changes behind the scenes to improve the service (could be like a Royal Mail improvement) Perhaps you downloaded a microsoft patch at home that was not made available at work that made the difference. The ways and wherefores are beyond the teccies now so what hope for the rest of us? XOXO Zoe

  4. Sure did have some trouble, could't sign in then couldn't sign out. Changed to Firefox for a while(from Safari) which helped a bit....then...went away - came back and everything seems(cross fingers) to be fine. Weird or what?
    Take care, Chrisx


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