Saturday, 14 May 2011

It's Cava Time Again! Eurovision Style

Yep it's cava time again!
What the ? happened to Blogger then?!
All I know is it lost my post I had done just waiting to add a piccie!
So here I am starting again and with something not quite like the post I had ready!

I'm relaxing all day today in the garden with a nice cold glass of cava and one of my summer concoctions! It's got feta, tomato, red chilli, black olives, garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs.....the ones growing at the moment here are mint, basil, thyme, Greek oregano and's scrummy.......what to come round and share?
Today is also Eurovision final day.......I'm so excited!
Love, love, love it ;)
My favourite this year is's also classical which would be a first if it won but I do like my sends shivers down my spine which is always a good sign of a winner.

...but it's also the bookies favourite and I've been too late to place a little wager this year.....I confess I nearly missed seeing the whole previews as it's usually on a little later in the month!
I scored all the songs in both semi's....yep I am that barmy! And what do you know I picked 8 out of the 10 qualifiers in both heats.....sad or what?!!! LOL

As a second choice I'd go for Hungary......which I feel could have won but she does not have quite the live least in the qualifiers it did not sound as good as the pre recorded vid.
Now.....there may very well be a renewal in fortune for the UK this year....I'm not a fan of Blue and quite frankly did not think much of it when I first heard it a few weeks back but it's grown on me and they do have a big fan base still in Europe....which counts for a you never know!
I'm going to read my mag now and have that cava and a bite to to make it through to the final tonight! HOL
xoxo Sioux
P.S. My little day surgery op last week was to remove a growth from my ear.....yeeew!
I kid you had grown like Topsy within the space of a couple of weeks and I was in danger of being the Elephant man by Christmas at that rate! HOL
Can't complain about the NHS as from initially seeing my doctor to having it removed was only 5 weeks......and the good new is it was non malignant.....phew!
Perhaps I can concentrate on some fun stuff now?


  1. Your 'concoction' looks lovely! I too shall be watching - or at least listening (I want to get some crafting done) - to Eurovision - I always swear I won't and end up doing so - but I don't take it quite as seriously as you do!! Glad your 'little op' was both successful and not serious; like you need anything else to worry about. Have a great evening.

  2. I'm on my way for a glass - or 2 - plus a big dollop of that sunshine. It's chucking it down here and freezing.
    Enjoy your evening - I'm on water!!!!!
    Hugs Joanne xx


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