Wednesday, 13 April 2011

WOYWW - A right mess again!

WOYWW is here again and my desk is a right mess..........again!
How long can I go on dumping the dregs left over from finished projects at the side here before it becomes a mountain? LOL Don't answer that :) !!!

Spent the day in bed yesterday.....I'd like to tell you it was because a certain someone with the initials RA knocked on my door and one thing led to another ;) ! HOL
But sadly it was because I've caught a stinker of a cold.......I manage to get through the winter this year without having at least 2 stinkers as norm.
....and now the weather is like the Med I come down with is never fair! LOL

On my desk is the frantic aftermath of playing with the dance stamps I designed for The Artistic Stamper.......the empty drinking chocolate tin (which I keep meaning to cover in some pretty paper) is used to put scraps of paper in that can go straight in the re-cycling box later.......I'm all for re-cycling in principle but sometimes I can't help but think there are not enough hours in the day when you live on your own to do the dustbin man's job for him as well!!! LOL
There are some masks of my dancers cut and ready in the plastic bag for future projects :)
I need to crack on with making my piece for the big celebration at WOYWW in a few weeks...but first I must away to my bed again!!
You don't need to see me in bed so why not pop over to Julia and see non sickly people and their desks which may or may not be tidy!!
TTFN Sioux xoxo


  1. Hope your cold goes very soon so you can enjoy being creative again.
    A x

  2. Hope you get better quickly - the weather is to blame! Love your dancers!

  3. Feel better - and I must pop to TAS for a close look at the stamps. They look interesting here.

    Mary Anne

  4. I hate summer colds and feel as if I have one - slept the clock round - hope you are soon feeling better.
    Thanks for sharing your desk.

  5. Hope your feeling better soon hunni.Ahh dont worry about the pushing stuff to the side we all do it ive now got a basket
    keep warm and tucked up
    #hugs judex3

  6. Sorry to hear you're under the weather Sioux. I know exactly how you feel. I seem to have a never ending cold at the minute. It goes away and then the next day is back with avengence. Thought this warm weather was supposed to be good for us!!!!
    Your desk is looking lovely and creative.
    Hugs Lisax

  7. I've started to see these stamps on lots of blogs I follow, they look great!!!

    ** Kate **

  8. Hi hun
    aww do hope you are feeling better soon, hugs,thanks for the snoop, have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(10).x

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon. As long as there is some space to create on your desk it is ok.

  10. So sorry you are unwell, hope you feel better soon. Your desk looks like someone who is creative. :) Got my stamp ordered, can't wait to pick them up. Hugs Anesha

  11. Hope you get rid of that cold quickly. I've got one of these drinking chocolate thingies too waiting for a makeover.


  12. I would call this a creative mess LOL. Your dancers look great. Hope you are feeling better soon. Tracy x

  13. Awww sorry you are poorly but lovin your untidy desk... makes mine look not QUITE so awful!!!

  14. Well I can say with smug satisfaction "I tidied my paper mountain from next to my desk" ....although admittedly it did fall over on numerous occasions before I did anyhting about it! :) Dont worry you will get there with it evntually. Stay in bed with that cold & keep taking the pills! Get well soon!

  15. I think it takes about three weeks, then you either have to shove everything in a box and put in on the floor and start again, only trouble with that is, most of the stuff you need will be in that box! Now my crafty space is a bit bigger I'll be able to cover the floor with many more boxes before I HAVE to tidy up! Great snoop!! Happy WOYWW! ((Lyn)) #37 (if only!)

  16. Hope you feel better soon x

    Your new stamps look great, all the best with them.

    Sherry (103)

  17. hope you get better soon

    caroline #49

  18. Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. Get some honey down you. Loving your stamps and will have to order them very soon.
    Loving your jumping penguins too! Made me smile! Now where is the Mary Poppins DVD?....

  19. Sorry to hear you aren't on top form, get well soon. love your new stamps!
    JoZarty x

  20. Your workspace is such a photocopy of mine! That shows you have been super busy :)
    I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  21. Sorry to hear you are sick! Interesting looking desk. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  22. Hope you are feeling better today! my room looks like a dump - must get it sorted and get down to something crafty!!

  23. hoe the throat is less sore today - my son has it and I expect now i am on leave I shall catch it,

    tipping flypical.


  24. Got my stamp sets (Dancer and background) and really impressed. You get so many stamps on the sheet, fab!

  25. Very busy creative desk!

    Happy be-lated WOYWW!

    I have some yummy candy on my blog if you'd like to check it out! :D

    My Blog Candy!

    xx Tracey xx

  26. I get some REAL summer colds -worse than any I get in winter. Everyone else seems to be enjoying the weather then there's me - eyes streaming, nose dripping and a massive headache!!! They're a nightmare -poor you. You still have some great stuff on your desk though!!!
    Rebecca (84) x

  27. Here is what I did with your stamp set! Anesha :)

  28. Now that is what I call a creative persons desk! Fantastic stamps. Well done you! How very exciting! So glad your talents are being recognised.

  29. I knew it was too soon to take yer vest off! Sending you lots of TLC vibes.xx
    FAB desk.


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