Sunday, 10 April 2011

I'll be back!

Bit delayed with the sneak peek! Had an emotional day yesterday......I had an ABBA fest on ITV yesterday. Should not have had any more wine after what I drank on Friday at the reception but hey I fancied some Cava along with my ABBA!!!
Oh! Nearly forgot the odd couple of cuba libra's too ;) HOL
ABBA was the connection me and Pip had when we met (insert sound track of "Waterloo") so you can imagine why it was emotional! Have tried to avoid emotion recently.....but I did cry...however it was a sort of happy/sad crying if you get my drift?
Yet again one of my favourite ABBA songs did not feature in the countdown.....are me and Pip the only one's who loved "When I kissed the teacher"?

Mamma Mia was great (again) I do love that movie :) Yet more tears! ;)
Just thought I'd share this till I can get back to you later with some stamping.
...Here is a photo from our wedding day (1977!). When I look at this I think my God! You were thin! Although at the time I thought I was I am fat....I think I'm thinner than I am!
Very weird!!! HOL
Do you like the Guinevere sleeves!!! The big tie, the dapper suit? The flowers in the hair?
Always did like the flower power era (que another ABBA song "Our last Summer") but was a bit young to fully understand it at the time! LOL

Can you see the connection to ABBA? No?

How about me with my curly permed hair like Anni-Frid and Pip looking like Bjorn?! Well I thought so....heck he even had the same bags under the eyes!!! LOL
Very happy days :)
TTFN Sioux


  1. oh hun,when you see my post later today,you will see,how we both adore abba I too have all there albums,and was in buckets of tears last night for different,reasons,not as,sad as yours hun but oh cnat belive you too are an abba fan I sat there glued to the Tv last night singing,crying you name it I did it. Hun you look,really beautiful in your,dress and my heart goes out to you,as know how you must have been feeling much worse than me. Pip was so handsome too hun you take it easy today and my heart really goes out to you sweetie I am in tears again now,playing,that song you have lol,oh softie thats me,take care hun hugs cheryl xxxxx

  2. I love Abba too, but last night was the first time I have seen Mamma Mia!! Really enjoyed it though...
    You and Pip looked great on your wedding day and I can get the connection. Happy/sad tears are good, hope you have a happy happy day today!

  3. The joy of happy memories eh? After 23 years in this place, my DH has just asked me where the bathroom towels are!!! They are in the bathroom behind him!!!!! Always have been.
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  4. Sioux sounds like you had an emotional day, for one reason and another yesterday. (((hugs))).

    what a lovely wedding photo.

    Take care xx

  5. Ah Sioux what a marvellous post. Abba control the soundtrack to most of my life memories too - yesterday was fab for that; I think some bitter sweet tears are totally in order...and it sounds like you needed a little cry if you ask you don't cry with great heaving gobs of snot and hiccups...I don't get that impression; you're too dainty!

  6. What a fantastic photo & what happy memories. Definately see the connection. :) Sending you great big gentle (((hugs)) Sioux.

  7. What wonderful memories Sioux. Those kind of tears are very therapeutic.
    Thank you for sharing the lovely photo of you and Pip on your wedding day.
    Thinking of you.
    Sue xxx

  8. I can certainly see you both in ABBA ;0)I hope you are well and enjoying the memories. Your really moving on in your creative world as well (how did this happen? good look to you and I am sure Pip is so excited for you

    Love dawn xx

  9. Isn't it funny how Abba run though most peoples lives. I love Mamma Mia too and have seen it so many times!! I always cry at Slipping Through My Fingers as it sums up exactly how I feel about my DD. She is growing so fast!!
    Love your Wedding photo, what a handsome pair you were.
    I'm glad you have such lovely memories to look back at and although they bring tears it's better to have them than not I think!!
    Take care my friend and big hugs.

  10. Hey darl, thankyou for sharing your memories with us. I too associate many ABBA songs with Mum. The movie Mama Mia came out before she passed and she had to get the soundtrack but told me secretly she much preferred ABBA!!! they were totally my era to being a 70's baby and i still do not think there is or ever will be a group like them again. Fantastic pic of you and Pip on your wedding day. Did look at the Agatha "do" which resembled you greatly lol!. Always keep those memories alive darlin. Big hugs Clare xxx

  11. Oh what lovely ABBA :-) I must dig out my photos.....I was also sporting a very fetching!! perm around this time too!........certainly be good for a laugh!! Take care my lovely. S xx


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