Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WOYWW - On the floor with the Hunk!

Bet that post title had you wondering.....wink.....wink ;)

Now...not only is my Vagabond THE most phantasmagorical machine in the whole wide world and can cut through stuff like butter with no effort whatsoever from me....all it takes is one finger to push the button and he is away!
Oh Vagabond is definately a HE!!! LOL
He is full of macho machismo and what's more I get to stroke him every day!!!
Whoops.....sorry got carried away there ;)

Not only is he a great die cutting machine but he is doubling up as a heavy weight to try to straighten out a picture that has a kink in it!!
Bet T!m did not think of that use ;)

You need to go visit here at Julia's to see why I felt the need to share the Hunk with you and visit other lovely things on many desks across the globe.
Can't wait to get home to play with the Hunk again tonight ;).....sigh!
xoxo Sioux


  1. You made me smile, even though you've hidden your desk away, or is that under the Hunk too to get any kinks out?! Have a lovely day...

  2. Well, I think you may have found a new use for the Hunk!

  3. Ha, ha loved the post - nice Hunk...

  4. Great post and a very nice looking hunk!!
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #79

  5. hehe Sioux.. I have a pic with a kink so I know I now NEED a hunk too altho I read it as Hulk without my glasses!!!!

    Have fun tonight! ;)

  6. Have you named him yet? I know Hels hunk is Victor, My hunk is Vinny, & Alisons hunk is Vernon..So Whats your hunk gonna be called???

    Glad you finally got the ATC ;oP
    sending hugs x

  7. I take it your HUNK has the initials RA eh? I bet he loves having his buttons pushed!
    cheeky Joanne xx

  8. Can tell you are loving your new machine!:)

  9. Definitely a HE, Sioux. I am so envious. I would love that fantastic machine. Maybe one day!!!
    Hugs Lisax

  10. Ok, ok just because you have a hunk you don't have to flaunt it and make the rest of us jealous! Lol.
    If I had one I might call him Vincent!
    Vincent Vagabond doesn't sound to bad. I think it will be a nine month happening. Conception has happened!

  11. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a great WOYWW

    Hugs Marjo #22 oops thats 23

  12. very nice post! a hunk huh! I think everyone has a special toy that does more for them than any other! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #83

  13. Funny that mine is a male too !my daughters wanted to name it so after load squabble hes called "Victor Alfie"
    Oh isnt it the best thing in crafting!Enjoy i sure am.Happy creative day
    hugs judex6

  14. Hi, I am still hopping but less gracefully than before!! Love your use for your V... Unfortunately mine totally stopped working yesterday!!!!!!!!! Not a cut will he make, so back he goes.... Trouble is no more stock,!! See you next week?


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