Saturday, 12 March 2011

Some boxes are more equal than others!

Well hellooo!
Not been around much have I?!
After the T!m megga weekend I was soooooooo pooped I can't tell you!

I had hoped to do certain things....not least tidy up my house ready for the arrival of my friend from up North! ;) But I could not keep my eyes open each night after work and I ended up doing a massive tidy last Friday morning ready for her arrival that afternoon....rising at 5:00 not even getting dressed and working through till 1:15 just in time to get dressed, get in the car and pick her up from the station!!! It was a close call but my house could be sort of called presentable at the end!!! I just don't want to go in the loft right now and have to sort out the bags of stuff I shoved up there!!! HOL...I know she would not have minded but I did!!
We had a fabulous weekend even if the weather was not entirely on our side.....managed a couple of nice walks in the suddenly chilly afternoons and just relaxed.....It's nice to just relax :)

This week I've still been tired but have found the time to have a little play with this...

Mmmm? Playing with a cardboard box? Even I'm not that sad! LOL
Now inside that box was...

...another box! Not just any old box either......of course T!m could not have the most fabulous phantasmagorical machine on the whole planet sent out to me in just any plain old cardboard box now could he?
...Of course not! And inside that box was MY Vagabond!! It's mine...all mine...and I lurve it!! ;)

I knew there was a very good reason I kept resisting the lure of buying any of the die cutting machines out there all these years.....obviously I was waiting for T!m to make someone take notice and actually make a die cutting machine that really ticks all the boxes!!!
So far...and I've only had the most briefest play really....this ticks all the boxes I could ever have thought of ;)

This was the embossed piece on my Artistic Stamper piece yesterday.

Ooh! I'd love to be a Vagabond Queen!! HOL
xoxo Sioux


  1. Ooooh how lovely! have fun playing.

  2. Fabby thing to find inside a plain cardboard box me thinks :D Have fun! to check mine ;) I think your friend will have been very happy with 'your' weather knowing what it's like around here!! hehe..
    Take care & rest up. Hugs, Gez.xx

  3. Bet you will have lots of fun with your wonderful new toy!

  4. One of those moments when wooooohoooooo seems fully appropriate! Have fun, Jo x

  5. oh wow ,l would love one of these on my wish list,have fun with it but sure you will hugs cheryl xxxx

  6. Wow what a treat!!! You will have so much fun with this. Enjoy!!! Sue x

  7. Good for you - and what a lovely box to pack it in - I bet you don't chuck that out!!

  8. Such a happy post. A wonderful time with your friend and now lots of wonderful times to come with another 'friend'. I envisage more exquisite art to come.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  9. ooooooooohhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhh, I am ever so slightly tinged with the old Peeled Paint... you got yours already!!! Yes, your guessed correctly..erm.. I have one on order ROFL ENJOY your new machine hunny... you deserve it xxx

  10. Ooh, that Vagabond looks fab. Have fun.
    Sue xx

  11. I'm glad you had a lovely time with your friend, Sioux. She won't have minded the weather if she's from up North. We're used to the cold, wet and wind up here!!!
    Wow, look at you with your fabulous new toy, you lucky lucky thing. I have been so tempted by Tim's wonderful new machine but while I can still turn the handle on my trusty Cuttlebug I just can't justify the upgrade. Maybe one day!!!
    Enjoy playing and don't forget to show us what you create.
    Hugs Lisax

  12. Ahh its arrived! yeahhhhh - enjoy xx

  13. I'm jealous! But in the nicest possible way of course! Enjoy! x


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