Sunday, 6 February 2011

Board Book Journal

I've been busy again with more DIY yesterday and my shoulder and fingers are saying enough!! But more on that another time ;)

Can I share my first board book journal page with you? It's part of the Art, Heart and Healing course kindly offered for free by the fabulous Tam over at Willowing.
I can't recommend the course enough and have learnt so much already...
...and I'm only on part 1 of week 2! :)

I consider myself very lucky as I had an idyllic childhood in the main so the healing bit did not really come in to it on this piece although it was lovely to connect with the positive thoughts that popped into my brain.

The Susie Wong is yet another a.k.a. monicker!!!
My Dad used to call me that (in part because it included a shortened version of my given name Susan) and it used to wind my Mum up LOL.
"She's not called Susie!" she would say in indignation "it's Susan!"
The fact that Susie Wong is the name of a lady of the night from the book and film did not seem to come into it!!! LOL
 (and no that does not mean she was a vampire all you Twilight fans!!)

The other significant word is "Unique" day when I was asking the embarassing questions little people can I have a little sister? Or......why was I an only child?
My Dad told me "You are not an only are Unique".
What a fabulous thing to say!

I've pretty much tried to live up to the word ever since!!! HOL
Thanks for looking

xoxo Sioux


  1. That book looks great! All those quotes, just fab.
    Love that your Dad described you as unique - how lovely.

  2. How lovely describing u as unique, very special memory and a great book, lovely details. Tracy Evans x

  3. wow this is amazing!!! Love the finihed your use of photos and all the text detail! Hugs Juls

  4. your Dad sounds lovely and the book is looking good!

  5. These are wonderful pages Sioux! Sounds like you had a lovely Dad! xx

  6. Oh my...this is just so incredibly beautiful!!! I absolutely love it!

  7. Great journal page. Fond and wishful memories too!


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