Sunday, 16 January 2011

Retorno me Rufus

I have had 3 enjoyable Sunday evenings...but tonight I am sad 'cos Zen has finished!
Have you seen it?...I have loved watching it...the Italian location shots...the stories...the twinkle in the eyes of Rufus Sewell....sigh!

A fabulous piece of casting.....he really could be Italian....even though he is speaking with an English accent in it! LOL

I was sure I had not seen him in anything before...I knew the name although I did not know why!
After seeing the first episode I Googled him 'cos I had a vague feeling I'd seen him in something......turns out he was in "Pillars of the Earth" that was on at the end of last year.
Now my concentration skills are not what they were and I had to force myself to get through the first and only episode I watched...which was odd as I would have usually loved this sort of thing!
...So that explains where I knew him from but have to say the Zen role could have been made for him.....I've never read the books....I do hope there are lots more that can be filmed. ;)

P.S. Not sure I've spelt the return to me bit right in the post title.....I don't know much Italian although I do know a very rude sentence that will put off any Italian stallion that is bugging you to death!!! HOL
....and no I could not possibly repeat it here! It really is that rude!!!

...and no I'd never say it to Zen!!!
TTFN Sioux xoxo

P.S. Just Googled Michael Dibdin the writer and I'm mortified as he only wrote 11 Zen books....let's hope there can be some creative writing to make the series longer. :)


  1. One of the best things on TV recently. Same it is finished. :)

  2. When I was in England for New Year I saw the first episode! I was hooked but because I can't see BBC 1 in our country my DBF is taping all of them for me! Love it! He is gorgeous isn't he???
    Enjoy watching the series!

  3. I've been loving it too! Fab mini series, I really hope they make some more. You can forget the English accents for the scenery and Rufus, can't you? Judith xx

  4. With you on this one! Found the first episode a bit plodding to start with but the series picked up as it went along. Loved the humour too. Favourite moment? Rufus Sewel's double take at the undressing woman in episode two! And yes, I agree about those brooding eyes. More please! Lindsay x

  5. ONLY wrote eleven books!! Soemtimes I can't write a sentence for the blog without a total block!! Loved Zen too, everything abot it was right for me.

  6. Oh no. I had not realized it had finished. I was really enjoying the program and watching Zen himself. I like what he did not say as much as what he did say. I would like to be able to do that more. I was looking forward to next Sunday thinking there were more to watch. Boo Hoo!

  7. Such a YUMMY - cool Italian guy. I just want to see more!!

  8. I am so cross, I started to watch episode one and fell asleep, or something, and haven't caught up!
    There is something for you on my blog, hun.

  9. I found the first episode a bit hard to get into but by the second episode, I was getting the gist of the characters and feel of the series. Now I love it! It is very tongue in cheek and of course, the Italian countryside is superb.

    The role is made for Rufus Sewell!


  10. Hope there's more too Sioux! Brilliant little series, & I've been a HUGE fan of Rufus since I saw him in Middlemarch years ago! x

  11. This must have been one of the best things on TV for ages. Rufus is fab as Zen. Hope the Beeb make some more. The books are a really good read, though I think are much darker than the tv.
    Sue xx


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