Sunday, 2 January 2011

Resolutions? Life Changes!

I'm not one to make resolutions....I sussed out some time ago that I can never stick to them....which is odd because I do have the capacity to achieve stuff if I put my mind to it!

Sooooo......I'm going to have to put my mind to something pretty huge
.....something that was and still is a bolt from the blue
........something that I cannot believe
....something that I'll have to believe because I've been told it's true!!!

Dear oh lor! Where the heck did that come from!!!

I feel a fraud at the moment and really it's hard to sink in as I don't feel ill at fact in the past 6 or 8 weeks I've felt the best for some time!
If it had not been for the fact I returned to the opticians to question the fact that my new distance glasses (only had at the beginning of August) were actually now making things less clear I still would not know as.....I'll repeat it again.....I don't feel ill!!!
The optician wanted me to book a blood sugar test at the doc's just to rule it out as he also said the stress of my bereavement could have caused the change.
So it turns out I'm diabetic (Type 2).....I'm's been detected quite early (the only classic sign I have is this fluctuating eyesight thing) and with diet, a daily pill (only one at the moment to see how it goes), more exercise and loosing weight it should be easily controllable!!!
So they say :)

I've already lost quite a bit of weight since Pip died.
....I don't know how much healthier I can make my diet as reading the guide lines I'm spookily already eating the right sort of stuff.....but if I have to start eating the amount of stuff recommended I know for sure I will put weight on!!
It's always been difficult to keep my weight off and I know just how little I need to eat in order to loose weight....but hey! The bright flip side of taking the pills is that apparently they will help me to do just that!

Why could I not have had them for the past 30 years?!!! HOL
So don't worry about me.......I'm certainly not worried.

It is what it is.

I'll probably know a bit more when I get to see the dietitian at the hospital...oh and I've got to have the back of my eyeballs photographed!!!
Some pin up shot that will be! LOL

xoxo Sioux


  1. Oh Sioux, what a shock. Please look after yourself. Thinking of you, hope the hospital appointment is a help. Much love S xx

  2. I know you are not worried, no point I suppose, as you say, it is what it is. The worse part of finding out you have something is realising that you had no idea. somehow that is a worry! Anyway, my MiL has had diabetes for goodness knows how many years, she's a short, fat barrel who refuses to eat properly, drinks at least one or two whiskeys a day, does no exercise and basically, is as fit as a fiddle at age 89 this year. Sure you will do even better.
    Luv Joanne xx

  3. You are lucky that you can control this with pills - and type 2 is very common - sounds like you are already looking after yourself diet wise (though you may have to stop the Cava, lol!) Take care, Helen.

  4. Good thing you have found out and already have quite good control of it. Theres a up side no perscription charges or eye test charges and some very good diet advice for free as well so as many of us head off to Weight Watchers you get the same or better advice without all those fees! You'll be fine and soon learn your dos and don'ts XOXO Zoe

  5. Oh Sue what a shock for you.. you are sensible & know whats..what.. Good luck at the hospital..xx

  6. Oh dear, yes it is shocking to get a great big *diagnosis* - feels like a label. But you are still *you*, glad you are not worried, because it truly sounds like there is no need to worry, like you are doing everything you can. It's just that little addition of that little ol' pill. Here's to a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours!

  7. hello and happy new year.
    my mum is like you, type 2 and manages it really well with healthy eating. If you want to lose weight the healthy way, and even recommended for diabetics, look at the GL (not GI) diet. It's easy, nice and it works.
    It's always a shock when you have to make changes in your daily habit (I know too well after finding out about all our intolerances last summer), but changes are'll see.
    take care
    isa xxx

  8. Oh Sioux,sorry to hear that, but join the club.... except that you have accepted it. I have been in denial since the end of October although I was originally told 2 years ago that diabetes 2 could be controlled by eating a sensible diet, which I have done(MAINLY!!)I too had never felt better but was told that I had to go immediately onto tablets starting with one a day and to be increased to 4 a day. I did start taking them but it was with a heavy heart and I still kept thinking they had made a mistake. I have just begun to accept it and maybe this year I may at least lose some weight!!
    Take care,
    Love Chrisx

  9. Oh it must be a shock, especially as you feel so well. On a positive note, it is a good thing you have been diagnosed. Take care.... Sue x

  10. At least you caught it early and will do what is needed to control it. Hope 2011 brings better health and a good year. Angela

  11. what a shame...hope the medication helps you and you can have things under control...thinking of you and sending bug hugs!!! Juls

  12. Yep a shock indeed. Glad your feeling well though. I hope this is not a black spot on your NY hun

    Love Dawn xx

  13. Oh blimey hun... tis a good job the optician spotted there could be a problem.. hope that you get the diet and pills etc sorted out.. a pal of mine has Type 2 and she eats whatever she wants in moderation... and no, she didn't gain weight either... which is always a worry isn't it? Sending you a BIG hug xx


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