Saturday, 29 January 2011

Interview with?

Hiya! Happy Saturday ;)
I'm off to Exeter with a friend today 'cos there is a craft show on at Westpoint and we are also going to take one of the workshops....should be says it would be an idea to take an apron.....sounds like it could get messy! :)

Also popped by to say if you want to know a bit more about what makes me tick art wise there is an article on the Artistic Stamper Creative Team Blog today.

(An interview with me?.........ooh er!)

xoxo Sioux


  1. Have fun today! Now off to read your interview.

  2. Have a great day, the interview was great.

  3. Enjoy the show and workshop. See you VERY soon.

  4. Hope you have a great day Sioux and what a great interview, you had me laughing out load, your maaaad!!!!
    Mind you you made me think I was with the an or a before a H word, I wondered what you were talking about before I looked back through the post. Never even gave it a thought!!! Is that good or bad?
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs Lisax

  5. Hope you had a FAB day Sioux..xx

  6. Wish I'd of known you were going to this, i could of met up with you there and it would of given me the excuse to attend! :(

  7. Just read your interview, love your work and wow, I was born and grew up in Brixham and my Mum and brother still live there! What a small world!


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