Sunday, 30 January 2011

The first time I saw Paris

Just a quick post to share the fabby news that the girls are hitting Paris this summer for our little away break! :)
I've never been but all the others have at some I'm expecting a lot of tourist input from them on what to see and where to go! :)

If anyone out there has any tips they would like to share I'd love to hear from you :)

Oh! We are staying in Monmartre by the way...sounds very arty...and romantic....hope my dreams aren't shattered! LOL

Speaking of which.....if I hadn't already been to Budapest (a place I dreamed of for years!)
I would certainly be thinking twice about going after watching the last episodes of Silent Witness......they portrayed Budapest as a right sleezy old dump!.....let me tell you is a fabulous place to visit and we never once...ever!...felt fact it seemed one of the most friendly cities I've been to...even though the chances of understanding Hungarian are pretty much zero...luckily (how very lazy of us Brits!) everyone seemed to speak English....even corner shop workers!!!

Now I know my post title is not correct for this next bit but I have always loved the song (the movie is a bit on the depressive side at times but it's worth a view).

xoxo Sioux


  1. How exciting to have another 'break' with the girls. It's donkeys years since I went to Paris and although the buildings are spectacular I wasn't in good company so missed such a lot. I did see the Mona Lisa - captivating, I saw the designer shops - frighteneing, I didn't like the joint 'open' loos - desperating, I adored the views from Monmatre - scintilating(?sp), I had trouble crossing the mad,busy roads - frustrating, I wasn't impressed with the rubbish and sewers - nausiating, but, apart from there being a lot of French people there, the exorbitant cost of everything - take plenty of money with you - it's a beautiful city.

  2. Morning Sioux. How jealous am I?? Paris is my very favourite will love it. I hope you have a ball :-) We stayed in
    Montmartre the first time we went...lovely. Love the Sacre Coeur too, beautiful. Enjoy. S x

  3. How lovely! I have never been to Paris either, always wanted to, no-one to go with - and it's probably not the place for singletons! I am sure you and your girlfriends will have a wonderful time.

  4. I have been to Paris a few times and I think you will really love it - very lucky that you are staying on Monmartre that is the place to stay if you love art - go out early as the waking up of the city is great! I suggest you have a look around antique shops - if not to buy anything - just to feast your eyes! I have been to Budapest many, many times ( it is our neighbour country so we drive over there and I never ever had a bad expirience!
    Enjoy life!

  5. You'll have a fantastic time in Paris, it is a really beautiful city. When David and I went several years ago we loved the Musee de Quai d'Orsay which has all the Impressionist collections and some amazing Bauhaus stuff. When we visited Montmartre the elevators from the Metro to ground level were broken and we had to walk up about 3 million winding steps, but it was worth it. See you soon, only 3 and a bit weeks to go !!!
    Sue xx


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