Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What's the Recipe Today Jim?!

WOYWW is here and I'm not showing you my various places around the house that are in total chaos due to me trying to organise myself!
Yep I know it's the sort of thing that you would really, really like to see
...but I'm not here to share it there! ;)
How about a recipe instead?
I made pumpkin soup last night for my evening meal
....yes I do sometimes make real stuff to eat!

My Pumpkin Soup
1 small orange pumpkin peeled, seeds removed and roughly chopped (that's the flesh and not the seeds you understand! LOL)
1 red onion roughly chopped
1 carrot ditto
1 potato ditto
1 garlic clove ditto
Orange juice from a tetra pack - quantity to come to just below the surface of the veggies
1 chicken stock thingy - the sort Marco advertises - if you want this to be totally veggie then of course add a veggie stock cube instead ;)
Celery salt to could use the real stuff but thought driving into town to get some did not sit well with my desire to at least give a sideways glance to saving the planet (and my purse!) ho ho ho....whoops! Santa seems to have slipped in there!
2 star anise....about 8 whole black peppercorns....about 1 teaspoon of chili flakes except I think I slightly overdid those so you might want to reduce that quantity if you don't want to be drinking cold cava for the rest of the night.....or perhaps like me you do!....If so carry on and add some more!!! HOL
1. Put about half and half sesame oil and olive oil in a pan to sort of cover the bottom with a nice amount.
2. When the oil is hot bung all the veggies in and turn them around in the oil to coat and keep doing this till the bottom of the pan starts to catch and bits of burn start to form ;)
3. Add the orange juice and the flavourings, (make sure you scrape all those burnt bits off the bottom of the pan) turn down the heat, cover and simmer for about 40 minutes or until you remember you have left the pan on and need to stir it a bit to loosen more burnt bits that have formed on the bottom!!!
4. When all the veggies are soft....take out the star anise....not that nice to eat even if you do blitz them!
5. Blitz everything until will be very thick....I like my soups a bit thinner than this so just add some boiling water. Oh and do be careful the splatters from the pan are darned hot and now I have a lovely blister on my forearm!!!
6. Stir in some chopped parsley and add salt and more black pepper if you like :)

That was yummy....thanks for looking
to see more fascinating things going on ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. looks good hun but I am not a pumpkin fan but does look delicious though hugs cheryl xxxx

  2. I'm another one who forgets she's left pans on.. rofl. Loved your recipe.. your soup looks delish.. strange how all the pumpkins in the shops around here dissappear as if by magic after 30th Oct! Hope your blister isn't too sore & the Cava helped ;)
    Gez -x-

  3. Cava - love the stuff! Pumpkins - not too sure about but I might try that soup recipe you so kindly gave us.

  4. 'Peg leg' might like the soup except he can't have stock cubes - too much salt - but he does like it hot. Me, well, I'd rather have the Cava or a nice cold Italian dry white. Hope the blister mends soon.
    Luv Joanne xx

  5. I've never tried pumpkin, and you're right, we'd rather see your crafty reorganisation!! Have a good day.

  6. LOL - ok, that pretty much counts as a workdesk. Looks like a fab recipe but am not so sure about the OJ in it! Thanks for sharing the receipe with us!

  7. soup sounds good to me... wish I could taste though!! Robin

  8. Hi ya
    oh i good just eat a bowl of homemade soup with some fresh crusty bread, yumyum, have great day,happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  9. Love pumpkins and squash at this time of year! We had bangers and mash at the weekend, but the mash was mainly butternut squash and carrots with lots of seasonings! Some in the fridge now I come to think of it!

    Brenda 87

  10. yummy Soup and what a fab colour...

    dx 46

  11. I always wonder what pumpkin tastes like

    Happy WOYWW
    mandi xx

  12. yummy, we are big pumpkin soup fans in this house!

  13. well that brought back memories! good ol' Jim! I tried making pumpkin soup....once!
    Freebie papers from mags are usually unusable aren't they, but having them, means I know they are on my laptop (somewhere) because most of them are free downloads too, the worse is, the ones which have a different pattern on the other side,so instead of getting four freebie papers you really only have two, as you have to make a choice at which one to use! (not that I use them...scan them in maybe! Have a great woyww!

  14. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Mmm... Too bad I don't cook, but my chef, I mean husband, will appreciate it.


  15. That sounds really yummy :-)
    A x

  16. I think I might just have to try out your soup. I expected the pumpkins to be reduced in the Supermarket last night after the Haloween rush... no chance but seeing your recipe I'm willing to pay full price to make it!
    JoZarty x

  17. I too made pumpkin soup this week, but i add milk instead of orange juice. Might try your recipie next week as my soup is already mostly eaten. thanks for sharing. caroline #16

  18. Looking yummy - might try that one unless you pop round and make it for me!
    sasa 25

  19. Yummy, Sioux. You're making my mouth water. I love pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie but am the only one in our house so it's not really worth bothering. I'm on the way round to share yours!!
    Thanks for your sticky thoughts, very much appreciated.
    hugs Lisax

  20. Certainly looks a lovely wintery soup. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  21. That sounds scrummy, I wish I'd had the recipe on Saturday after scooping out 4 pumpkins for Halloween!


  22. Sounds lovely. We've had lots of home-made pumpkin soup this last handful of weeks, but I must confess to using a much much plainer simpler recipe - but I love the idea of the orange juice, will defo give that a run.

  23. Hope you dont mind, but after trying your version of pumpkin soup I linked to your page on my blog about soup. I think I might like your version better than mine (although i omitted the celery, lol). caroline

  24. Always on the lookout for a good vegetarian recipe, you can bet I'll be trying this one out. I'll probably not use the chili flakes or the chicken stock, but veggie stock is always good. Thanks for sharing this.

    Sorry I'm late getting here. You would think being #1, I could get around quicker. Happy belated WOYWW.


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