Tuesday, 30 November 2010

T!m's 12 Days of Christmas!!!

Well as everyone must know T!m is being the generous guy he always comes across as and is sharing his talents to inspire us to make those tags again :) Starting 1st December.
I'm hoping to join in a few at least this year too! I managed to do a tag each and every day last year and on the same day amazingly!!!
It was a mammoth task though and often I worked way into the night to get them done as improvisation was the key ;)
.....I have to say it was worth it as I felt so elated doing them and it gave me a real high :)
Yep...even better than Cava!!! HOL
Here are my tags from last year.

Don't know how well I'll manage as I don't have my little helper this time around....you so need a little helper I find to keep you supplied with tea/coffee/meals and to do the dishes etc!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux


  1. oh I shall be doing them too! can't wait.. and as for a helper.. not a hope.. start way too early for any help!! lol

  2. Those are stunning Sioux. I'm hoping to join in as I'm challenging myself this year. Last year I managed a whole one!

  3. I never saw your tags last year and I really missed out 'cos seeing them now is a delight. My problem is putting my slant on them, I'm useless and tend to just 'copy' Tim's. Still, I suppose it's the joining in and having fun that matters. That's my excuse anyway.
    luv Joanne xx

  4. I'm hoping to do them again this year. I really enjoyed doing them last time x

  5. Nice little recap on last years tags, there all stunning, you did Tim proud and i'm sure your ones this year will be just as good x Tic Tic... 10 hours and counting lol

  6. FABULOUS tags Sioux..xx

    It was lovely awaiting your new tag each & every day.. now we know your secret. :-)

    What I want to know is.. is that you on tag number 9??

    Enjoy T!ms new tags, can't wait to see your take.xx

    Sure I can't interest you in a little snow??

  7. woo hoo fabby tags all of them. Annette x

  8. Gorgeous tags, they are all totally fabulous. I'm going to try and do the 12 tags this year. Can't wait to see the fab things Tim has come up with.
    Sue xx

  9. What a great idea. Love how you have set it out on your blog too! I will be certainly be one of the splinter group again, but will doing them as and when. TTFN


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