Friday, 19 November 2010

Number 24601 for SCD

It's time for that Friday feeling again and at SCD this week Carol  ;) has chosen "Numbers" as the prompt.
Now I have to say that this took me some time to come up with an idea...but at the last minute the cogs seemed to start turning and this is my 5 and a half x 5 and a half piece this week!
Yes odd size.....but I just started stamping on a mat I had previously cutt and had not used! LOL

"24601" as the Les Miserables fans out there will know is the prison number of Valjean, one of the main characters.......hang on.....I feel the need to explain the tree growing out of the T!m eye!! Apparently Valjeans' father in the book itself was a tree pruner and he died falling out of a tree...not quite so abstract then!!! LOL (Thanks heaven for Google and Wikipedia!)
...I thought the T!m fingers round the edge could signify the fact Valjean could never quite escape the grasp of Javert the police inspector!!
Yeh! Those cogs were really spinning by now!! HOL
It's pretty self explanitory I think this week even I could not forget how I did it!
Which is the reason I write it down most of the time.

....Inks used
Versamark.....onyx black...bottle green...
Distress.....tattered rose...peeled paint...fired brick

....Stamps used
T!m/Stampers Anonymous......eye...Paris collage...palmist hand
Crafty Individuals....dotty corner
Stamp Attack.....tree

It has to be one of the most memorable evenings seeing Les Miserables in had just come from the West End (approx 15 OMG 18! yrs ago) and had some of the original and most well known performers still in the cast......for instance the fabulous inn keeper played to the hilt by Alun Armstong....unforgettable :) come that I can remember that night like it was yesterday? And yet, at the moment, it's tricky remembering quite what I did 3 days ago!!! HOL
Here for your delectation is a video clip...have always makes me smile ;)

Don't forget that the November themes are there for you to make just about anything you like! So what are you waiting for? The number 25 could be quite useful for next month for instance ;)

So looking forward to seeing what your Number creations will be over at SCD this week.
Thanks for looking and happy stamping :)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Absolutley brilliant !!! love the explanation and how it came together.

    Sue x

  2. Of course, I love this! Anything with eyes is a keeper for sure :)

  3. Fabulous piece, had to come see what the number represented :D 36 Houses!!! I feel like a cave dweller compaired to you nomadic life haha! Thanks for all your lovely comments XXX

  4. Fantastic composition! Loved the clip too. It is such a great story. I listened not long ago to it on radio 7. That was a great production too. The clip was glorious. I think Alun is a great actor as well. Really enjoyed it!

  5. FAB piece Sioux - love the explanations...xx

  6. LOL clearly loads of happy memories associated with this piece always makes them that bit more special. BTW am not watching strictly (I'm a dance fan) or X (being a fan of talant) not even I'm a Celeb (no idea who most of those people are anyway) but do enjoy your comments of the subject of Strictly LOL xx Zoe

  7. Simply amazing Sioux.
    Thanks for sharing.xx


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