Sunday, 28 November 2010

1st Advent Candle

You will notice my candles are not red!
Could I find red pillar candles that did not have a scent?
No I could not! So cream it is then!
Seasons Greetings!

Overlays held in computer stash for ages....have not got them labelled! They are possibly Designer Digitals (ssbfl) but not sure.....sorry!
Thanks for looking :)
xoxo Sioux


  1. I think this looks just great with a cream candle!
    I am not sure if I can bear to watch the SCD results show tonight....!!!

  2. Lovely image but... sorry, just read your previous post and having had a bit of a run in with a practice nurse recently myself,just had to say "Well done you!". Enjoy your jammies!

  3. Lovely nice to be reminded that it's the first sunday - I like the traditional 'church' candle, sits well if you ask me!

  4. Loving the Advent calender & Candle I also prefer the white.

    Oh my the result for Strictly can you believe it Glad poor Gavin is still in such a sweetie but poor Patsy

    Love Dawn xx


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