Saturday, 2 October 2010

Joanne's Candy Surprise

If you have read Lindsay Mason's blog recently you will know that I scared the $#;!% out of everyone on the workshop when I let out a very loud scream
......they must have all thought I had stuck my finger in hot UTEE! HOL
The real reason was this fab ATC from Joanne and you have to see it as I did
...first....Joanne passed it to me with the back on view I read it
.....then I turned it over

.....then I screamed with delight!

....well you know I do like Richard!!!

This was soooooooo perfect...the numbers....the eye peeking at the edge...the music notes...the dictionary fragment...the gorgeous wing charm
.....and of course RA leaping out at me!!
....Is it any wonder I screamed?!!!
Thanks so much for making this for me Joanne I will truly treasure this......and the day forever :)
xoxo Sioux


  1. What a brilliant suprise, no wonder you screamed, its gorgeous. x

  2. I will remember that moment for ever though it was really hard to give it to you as I think he's a bit of alright too!! LOL.
    Thanks for your kind words about it. Coming from someone so talented they have given me a boost to get crafting today - along with my Euro lottery win!!! £6.30!!
    Luv Joanne xx

  3. Shove over... he is mine ROFL ;o))

  4. such a funny story!! and yes the ATC is just fab! HUgs Juls

  5. What a scream!!! What a FAB surprise! It was so lovely to see your face. :) once I reaslised it wasn't the melting pot tipped over! ;) hehe..
    Definately a day to remember!

  6. She knows you too well, Sioux, it's gorgeous!!
    Congrats on your thrilling news. Your talented needs to be seen and shared. You create amazing work.
    Strictly was great wasn't it!!
    Hugs Lisax

  7. We really thought you'd dipped your hand into the melt-pot! Greta to hear you laught though! Love S xx


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