Friday, 28 May 2010


Nothing crafty to share yet....but things are beginning to calm down and the good news is I am looking forward to creating again.
I have a confession though
.........I love Eurovision!!!
It could have been tricky this year as Phil and I both shared the love of it and would always have a little I have had a little wager and my money is on Iceland although I have a sneaking suspicion Azerbaijan or Germany could win....but the odds on them do not appeal and Iceland for me is the one who could pull off a win over them....Hera Björk (that is her above) has a fabulous live voice and can really belt out a song with no effort.....always a plus in my opinion.
What's more my friend and hubby are coming from Lancashire to share the evening!!! You can't really ask for more......especially when neither of them are fans of it :)
We will be having some fizz....smoked salmon....and some fun I know....and if there is an afterlife that can be manipulated Phil will make darn sure Iceland wins!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

Friday, 21 May 2010

Paris for SCD - GD? That is me!

Well what can I say.........I joined in the very first Something Completely Different Challenge with this twinchie here and now guess what? I'm the Guest Designer this week for the month of twinchies to celebrate the challenges birthday.....could not be more thrilled to be asked :)

Thanks everyone for a year of fabulous inspiration!

The twinchie theme this week is PARIS........aah Paris sigh.....never been but dream about it often! This twinchie tries to embody the dreams I have...wanted to fit so much you think it's too much? LOL...I couldn't believe I managed to fit so much on myself (although I suppose it does depend on the size of the stamps you use). I have a hankering to re-create this in a larger format to hang on my this space!

As an added bonus for one week and one week only.....I'm including a little step by step photo tutorial on how I managed it....hope you don't get too fed up!

Started by stamping the circular frame stamp twice on scrap paper to use as masks cutting one to leave the inner circle and the outer frame and the other around the outline only.

Then masked off the circle bit where the face was to go.

Stippled the background with DI wild honey.

Over stamped with frayed burlap using some foam packaging as my stamp! A crackle type stamp would be equaly as good.

Remove the mask.

Stamped the round mirror frame where the mask had been in versamark.

Applied the cut out mask and stamped the phrenology head (again in versamark) within the cut out circle.

Removed the mask.

Applied the solid mask.

Stamped the Eiffel tower in Cats Eye celedon to give a subtle image.

Then added the word Paris in rusty hinge.

Remove the mask.

Applied rock candy crackle to the face and when dry rubbed on some frayed burlap to accent the cracks and give a bit of shadow to the frame.

You will have to dream the last little step for the heart as I forgot completely to take pictures!!!

Cut a heart shape to fit and stamped and embossed with gold the fancy scroll design.....rubbed fired brick over to colour which dulled the gold a bit but I gave it a quick shot of heat again and it brought it back to life! I should have rubbed the ink on first then embossed but I didn't think LOL.

Some words computer generated (My and is) Love hand stamped and the little tag used rub on letraset 'cos my rubber letters were all too big! The phrase is taken from an all time favourite song of mine as sung by Frank Sinatra "I love Paris"......sooooooooo romantic sigh!

Thanks for looking and hope you have fun and join in with the Paris theme..........happy stamping!

xoxo Sioux

Stamps : Mirror frame/phrenology head my own made from a computer font

Eiffel tower/Paris word Royal & Langnickel

Fancy scroll Anna Griffin (won in JoZart blog candy...fab....thanks again)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I'm Scared!

I've been very brave about many difficult decisions and situations just lately but this is really scary!

Mmmmm! A blank table!! least devoid of craft stuff.

WOYWW is here again and you may remember the absolute tip that my table had become!

I left clearing up all my usual mess to the last minute before guests arrived for the funeral as I feared that once put away I would never be able to start creating again.

I know this is stupid and I know that Pip would be unhappy about it.....heck I don't know who was more pleased when I won the Stamper of the Year title....him or me!

I have something to share with you on Friday if you would like to come back then.

Thanks for looking at my blank space....I hope to rectify this situation very soon.

xoxo Sioux

Thank you for all the lovely words of and cyber has been a great help and I'm lucky to be able to count on some very special friends around me at this time.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Night Night

To post or not to post.....that is the question.
I believe it is better out than in and so............

1953 - 2010
Passed away peacefully yesterday.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Doodle X

Bit of a tricky one for me.......I ended up doing a doodle on a twinchie whilst sitting in hospital looking at an unresponsive DH!

The blue cross is the signal flag used to represent X and the dash dot dot dash border on all four squares is the Morse code for X

.....the doodles within the squares are pretty much self explanatory I hope!

My DH is still in hospital (that will be 3 weeks this Saturday!) but the good news is he has been awake and responsive the past 3 days in a row :) Thanks for all your kind wishes and sorry I can't get round to everyone to leave an individual thank you......I have barely time to get through my day what with the visiting and work and housework and trying to cut the grass and have a meal ...erm that would be a slice of toast some days........and......and......and!!!

Thanks for looking at my feeble effort this week!

xoxo Sioux
P.S. Hope you put your X against a name today.....people died to give us the right!