Saturday, 24 April 2010


This month the theme over at The Artist Trading Club is "Vintage"

Some of you may think it odd that I have managed to play at all with what has been going on lately but to me this crafting/stamping lark is something I have to do.......I read Dyan Reaveley's blog and can heartily agree with the idea that art is both a creative outlet and a form of therapy.......although I have really still not started a written art journal I have slowly realised that almost every image led piece I make has a meaning and gives an outlet to emotions that could get the better of me!

To the casual onlooker it may just seen like a image perhaps matched with a sentiment that gives a pleasing end result.........whilst I do try to explain the idea behind it all if I can......sometimes it is not till much later that I realise what has happened almost unconsciously whilst creating!

Anyways..........I'm sure you have come here to see stuff not to hear my babble here is the ATC........and for least for now.....I don't think there is any hidden meaning at all!!

The image is of an great uncle Bill (never knew him as he was long gone before I was born to parents getting on in years!)........he lived through the Edwardian era and I wanted to try to convey that sort of know all aspidistras/velvet drapes/gentleman's clubs.
............Just look at the waist height on those trousers....he could definately give Simon Cowell a run for his money there!!! HOL
The background is a digital image that I think was from Art-E-Zine many moons ago but I find the site so difficult to navigate that I can't find a link to sorry! I then added a touch of DI wild honey to the upper portion....followed by just a little stamping of the cog wheels (frayed burlap), stars (Impress chocolate) and watch hand (embossed with copper). The green stuff at the top is a sticky back baize that is used for putting on the bottom of stuff to prevent scratches but I've had it years and I think it was actually from my Dad's supply of stuff so heaven knows where it came from!

Thanks for looking and happy stamping!

xoxo Sioux

P.S. Thank you.....thank you for all your positive thoughts for Pip (my DH) and perhaps they may just be working......although the lows are very low at the moment and the highs are not that high at least it is a small step in the right direction.


  1. Well I come on here to hear your babble as well as see your artwork! Hopefully hubby will keep getting stronger - fingers crossed.Funny you should mention art as therapy, it's what keeps me going and I have been trying out art journalling and have just bought a proper journal. I shall be nipping back to see what you come up with.
    Take care xx

  2. hi hun i come here for your art work and to read what you say and no its not babble totally aggree that this is a form of thearapy as this is how i started having never picked up a card,pencil in my life,then illness struck and here I am,your art is always an inspiration hun and hope you DH continues to improve,stay strong hun,hugs cheryl xxxx

  3. I love to hear your babble ....thats therapy too...I also love your art and that ATC is magic ...loved reading how it developed.
    Remember we are all here if you need to vent or just talk things out. I hope Pip makes more steps forward than back ...thats progress. Hugs to you both xx

  4. babble away! Love it and your art. How wonderful the image is of a relative. Special indeed!!

  5. Wht a fab image! Looks like a great life to me! So good to hear you're getting some positive news, even if it's slowly, slowly. I love your babble too - and besides, if it helps you, that's important!
    Hugs. xx

  6. I love to hear your babble too! Big cyber hugs to you and DH. Love this ATC. I've just finished mine for the swap! Used one of my "Ladies" - no real surprise there then!! Take care. Love S xx

  7. What a tough time you are both having. Little fun for either of you. Great to see that you have managed to create. I always finds it helps. Sending more cyber hugs.

  8. We all drop by for many and different reasons the one we share is appreciation of your art and your honesty. Positive thoughts love and hugs (((Hugs)))

  9. Your artworks is wonderful and it's lovely to read about the thoughts behind it as well. Hope your DH continues to get better. Take time to look after yourself as well. Hugs ANesha

  10. Hi,

    I dont think it is strange that you are crafting, I think it is good to have a creative outlet...I think it helps you cope with everything that is going on....I think you will find that a lot of us are the same....I know I am.

    Love the vintage feel of your ATC..and I think it is fab that you have used a family photo!! amazing creation!!

    Hugs Juls


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