Sunday, 11 April 2010

Silver Lady

Hels Sunday Stamper this week has the theme Silver and whilst Hels was thinking of a Beatles song it made me think of Silver Lady by David Soul :)
I was lucky (or unlucky if you don't like him LOL) to see David Soul performing
.......OMG! I've just counted in my head and it's about 30 yrs ago!!! the most intimate performing space in Preston, Lancashire.......heck he wasn't really even on a stage unless you count a raised dais only about 6 inches tall a stage! It's something I will never forget and even though I have never bought a single (or indeed an LP/CD LOL!) record of his I was mad keen to see him through watching Starsky & friend and I had seats on the second row (I kid you not we were only about 9 feet away from him) and it was fabulous....there was only a pianist for accompaniment and it complimented the atmosphere and David's voice rang out............loved it!
Anyway....sorry but I was lost in a dream for a bit there! HOL

My tag has silver embossing on the T!m frame and the lady is from Home Impressions...the embossed sentiment reads "Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss......."
I decided to use some ColorBox pigments on the background for a change and just dragged the pad across the surface using Heliotrope...Apricot and Colonial the base tag was a Kraft colour I tried to leave the ladies face as is.
The punch line of the sentiment is "......ends with a tear drop" hence the rain/teardrops at the top of the tag......pretty much how I ended up feeling about David Soul 'cos though I loved seeing David perform the later allegations of beating his wife left me cold.
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux
P.S. There is something not quite right with that woman's face...she looks like she has two black eyes to me!!! HOL


  1. OMG...You came over and continued my story!!!
    The One and Only who inspired me to buy CS mag...

    Thank you!!!

    Your edition is filed safely....

    I tried not to sound like a stalker...but failed

  2. Great tag. Love those colours, too - don't pigment inks blend so easily and even with your fingers - my idea of heaven, lol. I remember David Soul and Starsky and Hutch - and all the girls being nuts on them - gosh, it takes you back a bit!

  3. Great tag. Loved your story. The wording on your tag looks FAB.xx

  4. wonderful the colouring

  5. Love this tag - I really must do some embossing again it looks so good here.
    I had a terrible crush on David Soul in the 70's! xx

  6. oh hun this is just awesome you always know just how to put things together such a great effect hugs cheryl xxxxx

  7. Oh what a wonderful memory (minus the beating the wife up) I love yr tag hun and a really nice silver touch there.

    love Dawn xx

  8. Your imagination is so spontanious making the end result 'to die for'. If remembering David Soul 30 years ago made you feel 'aargh!!' think how remembering seeing the Beatles live on stage at the ABC Blackpool, around 1964ish makes me feel!! xx oh! and Cilla Black, the Batchelors and ..............

  9. Totally gorgeous tag hun, thanks for joining in with the Sunday know you said you didn't know how I did it with all the packing to do??? Well, er, packing has been done ROFL .. have got to get the room of stash done today .. help!!! x

  10. so creative!! Love the main image and the teardrop detail!! very gorgeous!! hugs Juls

  11. Your tag is lovely Jen.

    It's frightening realising how long ago Starsky and Hutch graced our TV screens - I was always more of a Paul Michael Glaser fan myself - swoooon!!! Didn't like his cardigans much though.

  12. lol I was a David Soul lover too... blimey I had forgotten all about Starsky and Hutch... it was one of my fave programs...never to be missed. Sigh it seems like aons ago... showing me age now :D

    Love the beautiful tag makes me want to get out those embossing powders... well if I knew where I put them... it seems so long since I used any and I love watching them melt.

    Have a great day
    Chris xx

  13. Wonderful tag, love it. Anesha

  14. great to see you back in full swing and must say that piece below is fantastic... only he knows when.

    a little bit of blog candy over at ATC blog

    chriss x

  15. A stunning tag, love it! A trip down memory lane for me too - never missed an episode! x

  16. Wonderful tag! Love the silver accent, really makes it pop!


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