Sunday, 28 March 2010

Today is a Good Day

Today is my Husbands birthday and as he has got his card now :) I can show it here! He is still in hospital but the good news is he may be coming home tomorrow.....all the levels that should be going down are going down and all the levels that should be going up are going up!!! LOL

I used the thrinchie I made the other week and added it as an accent to the card.

I had a scrapling piece of card left over from cutting a square card from A4 card stock but it was not quite big enough for what I wanted to do so attached another scrapling onto it in white that I had stamped a T!m script stamp in DI shabby shutters onto.

...........added a bracket shape sentiment tab that extends over the back as well to hide the join and stamped the Paperartsy iron railing in DI SS again along the front middle edge.....matted the thrinchie onto card coloured with DI SS and black soot and added an insert....oooh I thought I'd mention as it might not be obvious from the photo but this is a tent fold card.

Thanks for looking and happy stamping.

xoxo Sioux


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband, hope he comes home as planned and makes a speedy recovery. Gorgeous card, BTW!

  2. oh hun he will love this I am sure and hope everything goes to plan hun love hugs cheryl x

  3. Really fabulous card. So glad DH is getting better. Not the best place to spend your Bday in Hospital, I have been thinking about you both, loads.Take care.

  4. Hi Jen So happy to hear your hubby will be home soon. Love how you have used your trinchie to make such a wonderful B'Day card

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Gorgeous card and HB to your DH...fingers crossed for tomorrow..then he can celebrate his birthday properly x

  6. That's a lovely card. Happy B'day to your hubby - I was wondering how he was getting on. Fingers crossed he gets home tomorrow xx

  7. Great card and what brilliant news! Hope he goes from strength to strength and is able to enjoy at least some of his birthday. Bet you're exhausted, you poor love!


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