Monday, 22 February 2010

ATC - "Cookies"

Mmmm......yes....I did not know what it was either.....not sure if I do now HOL!

Anyways it definitely includes doodling and I think an image...anyways that's what I ended up doing!!! :) know by now that I'm not one for making 5 different ATC's but there was no way I could see me doing 5 the same that involved doodling so went with the idea of 5 different ones from the word go......using an old favourite song to start me off..."Up on the roof".....there is not much to say about the making I just found 5 images that suited and doodled around them in a Pilot pen and coloured with Copics.

These are the four I'm sending in for swapping.

This is the one I'm keeping.

...I usually keep number one of my ATC's purely because it's the one I trial on for the rest, but because these are all different anyway it's because I don't think it's as nice as the if I'm not happy with it I'm not about to lumber someone else with it!!! LOL
You've still got time to join in.......closing date end of month.
Thanks for looking and happy doodling!!!

xoxo Sioux
P.S. Call me sad but I'm taking a holiday day off work's Craft Day on QVC and there looks like a mega bunch of talented people turning up......I will take what I can from the shows although I realise the main aim is to sell products.....perhaps some gems of crafting wisdom will come my way....there is no other chance of seeing the like in my neck of the woods!.....I don't intend to buy anything.....yes I know!......but I mean it....that is unless the new DI colours are a bargain waiting to be had ;) LOL


  1. I like these ATC's very much. I'm wishing I'd booked the day off too,... oh well, better for the wallet I suppose...

  2. What a creative person you are? I look and just think to my self how does she come up withthis stuff? Its so fabby i love them all (the space one is super but I coulsn't choose)

    Love Dawn xx

  3. hun these are totally brilliant love the designs colurs the lot if you go onto qvc now you can buy tims,inks the new ones,6 for £20 the postage is £3.45 he has re inkers on there too just heads up as come midnight do not think there will be any left as last time his shows sold out in record time hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  4. Wel l done. They look great. I like the style and the doodling looks fab.

  5. I received these little beauties today thanks so much Susan they are groovy man ooops sorry still in the 70's

    You should join us for tea on a Tuesday.... just let Kimmie know and she will ad you to the list.

    Chriss x


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