Thursday, 14 January 2010

Home Impressions Prize

Eclectic mix of fab stamps in the Home Impressions prize package

These have to be some of the most deeply etched stamps I've come across
....don't think there is much chance of ever not getting a perfect stamped impression!
I received some bright white coated paper today in a candy package from my sweet blogging chum Gez and have had yet another Copic practise!
.......Yes!........It really must be the paper that makes the difference I'm quite pleased with the result on this as I only used 3 colours and just kept adding another layer of the same colour to get the different shades......the more experienced Copic creators out there might question the state of my blending but I'm just so happy that there is no bleeding!!!!
I'll post the card I made with it tomorrow if I can get it another fabulous cold from hell!!! :(
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. Oooh lovely stamps. Your card looks fabulous. Love the blues. Very nice. :-) Enjoy the cardstock.xx

  2. Really lovely colouring of your image. Looks like a great set of stamps, have fun! Anesha:-)

  3. Those stamps look gorgeous!
    I had some of the card from Gez too, and her instructions on colouring. It really is down to the card, but I am yet to find where to buy some online. The colouring is great, much better than my first attempts! xx

  4. What a gorgeous design and I love your colouring. The colours are beautiful.


  5. oh all those stamps hun lucky you gosh would love to delve into them hehe love your gojus image too wonderful coluring too hugs cheryl xxx

  6. those stamps are awesome. great card

  7. wow this is beautifully coloured it looks like a stained glass window...thank you so much for your Birthday wishes
    Mina xxx

  8. The colouring is great, much better than my first attempts!

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