Thursday, 29 January 2009

Quick Man

Another man card here for work. A fairly quick one (hence the title, just a thought but is there such a thing LOL:)))). I can safely post this as even though his birthday is not till Saturday he does not know this blog exists.

Took a map image and reduced it to two different sizes. Thoroughly inked both with distress inks, making the smaller one slightly lighter and layered both onto matt gold mirri card. Covered C6 size base card with some manly-ish paper from a K & Co scrap pad to go (Maison) and edged all around with a gold marker pen. Fixed map images to base card and added a left over circular motif from this project. and a greetings label made in my Serif programme. Added a left over stamped watch image from this project and a key image from a QVC kit way back.

Ah well it will soon be Saturday, visit to hairdresser for a cut, go and spend Body Shop & M&S gift vouchers from Christmas, get a few food items for next week. Such excitement! How will I contain myself?

Arty best wishes.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

It's all about Whiskers!

This is the first time I have entered anything at This Thursday, it's all about....... and only the second thing I have made since Boxing Day! The "dreaded lurgy" got me good and after working all day the only thing I felt like doing was collapsing on the sofa and watching TV!!

I thought I was getting better last Friday but had to cancel going out to celebrate a friends birthday at the last minute as I felt dizzy and could not get warm then, when I did start to warm up, I was burning hot!!!! Anyway, I do feel a bit more like actually doing something creative.

The theme is Whiskers and although I could not find a stamped image to use this card seemed to fit the brief in the end. I used a craft punch I have had for ages of a cat (but hardly used). I tried to make it a bit abstract by forming lots of them into a circle (took a bit of manoeuvring). I cut a circle from red card and put this in the centre and threaded some fluffy fibres through to resemble whiskers. Then I layered this onto a piece of card that I had used a corner punch/embosser on (wish I had nestabilities, but then I would need a Wizard or a Cuttlebug or something and that is out of the question). I think layering this onto the piece of red card made a good substitute effect. I used some silicon glue to attach a punched out heart in the centre.

The background paper was a freebie from Scrapbook Inspirations by S.E.I., the cats were also cut from the same paper and I used the offcuts from the corner punching to add to the corners of the main card. I created the sentiment cartouche in my Serif graphics programme, printed it and cut out and then edged with a gold marker. I attached this with some jeweled brads through the ribbon (again a freebie from the same magazine) and onto the card.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Artarazzi Challenge 4 - Marilyn Monroe

Another Door?

Here is my effort for the digital challenge at Artarazzi this week. Why can you look at something one week and it conveys something to you and yet another time it says something totally different? Anyway, this thought popped in my head when I looked at Marilyn this time "If she had opened a different door where would it have led her?" and that thought led to this. The image of MM was chopped in half as was the door and joined together with a bit of a transparency overlay. I then cut out half of her lips and added them to the door side of the image. The white scroll at the top and the quote were a freebie from Digital Scrapbook Place, it says "Each child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some can fly higher than the others, but each one flies the best it can. Why compare one against the other? Each one is different, each one is special, each one is beautiful." Author unknown. I added the words "Another DOOR?" to the side of her face in Argor Brush Script font.

At least doing this has taken my mind off my sinus pain this afternoon, that or the sudafed has kicked in LOL:)

Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year Blues

I am feeling fed up and uncreative! The dreaded lurgy meant we missed out on a New Year party, we were in bed by 10.30! I can't remember the last time I was not up and at 'em at midnight on New Years Eve. Not feeling any better today really and not looking forward to trying to get to work on Friday, although perhaps if I don't keel over I can get through for one day!! DH has got it worse, but then his general health does not help, Heaven only knows what he would be like if he did not have the flu jab? (He is back in bed as I type)
On a brighter note, I got to watch the New Years Day concert from Vienna conducted by Daniel Barenboim on ORF (an Austrian TV Channel) in its full two and a half hour splendour this morning. Never like to miss this and it was a treat to see it all and not have to listen to the first half on the radio and switch to watch the last half that is usually shown on BBC 1, although I believe they are going to transmit the full concert later tonight for the first time on BBC 2. Am going to enter the draw for 2010 tickets at Wiener Philharmoniker . I might hit lucky you never know and a long held dream would come true.

Looking on the bright side at least I have not gained weight over Christmas/New Year!!

Well my Festive spirit seems to have departed and it certainly was not an Arty one, hope yours was more creative and fun. Here is to a healthy New Year!!!!!!!