Wednesday, 23 December 2009

WOYWW - Or not! promised for WOYWW last week....this is a little look at my "craft room" work desk space!! LOL

Not that big is it?!

Not much bigger than the size of the A3 cutting mat!! You can see why I spilled over onto the dining room table for the 12 tags of Christmas can't you?

The other half has my Fiskars paper trimmer permanently living on it.

Have managed to tidy last weeks mess away and made an effort here because you would not have been able to see anything for a pile of bit box gets bigger by the day!

.....somehow have to make some space and organise so my Craft Stamper prizes have somewhere to live!!! LOL

It is in a cupboard in the bedroom so at least I can slide the doors shut on the mess!

......that is unless there is too much junk....sorry! work in progress........hanging off the edge. LOL

xoxo Sioux


  1. OMG hun, I don't know how you cope! I have a box room..and have spilled over into DS's room for storage now you think that this is an indication that I have FAR too much stash? Have fun! x

  2. It may be a small work space Sioux but it must have its advantages.
    I bet everything is to hand when your working and you don’t have to keep getting up to look for stuff.


  3. How brilliant, everything to hand. I have a little walk-in cupboard but when my little table is up I can't walk in!lol. It's obviously working for you cause your work is some of the best around. Enjoy opening the rest of your prizes. Hugs, Gez.xx

  4. Although it's small you have it beautifully organised.

  5. omg how much stuff have you in there how do you manage to find it he he,I have a craft room and still not enough room he he,still at least yours is all in one place,have a wonderful xmas hun and great new year
    love hugs cheryl xxx

  6. The smallest places are the best.. I didn't get round to mine this week:(


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