Wednesday, 16 December 2009

What's on my Table? or WOYWW!

So for WOYWW from Julia.....I thought I would show the carnage from doing the 12 tags of Christmas that has to be tidied away!!!

I had a tidy up half way through as well believe it or not! LOL

As a rule I do not craft on my dining room table but needs must!....I would never have managed to create what I did using the space I usually have........perhaps I'll show my "craft room!" desk next week? Best get on with clearing this away or else we will be eating off trays over Christmas too!!!

xoxo Sioux


  1. That looks like a very organised crafting space. Some fab bits and pieces on the table.
    A x

  2. Fab working area, sometimes you just have to spread out to achieve greatness! I love your pile of stamps, they look like a great collection!

  3. wowsers :) the tags were worth the mess on the table though, and as you said, needs must :) great space xx

  4. Sioux What a fab lot of stash ...where do you live? I'm on my way round to play !!!lol
    Like Julia says its not a mess its the desk of a crafting genius !!
    Hugs Susie xx

  5. Looks lovely to me - and it's the LAW to spread out when you're on a roll!! Huge congrats on the Stamper of the Year...wot a honour for us to see such a desk!

  6. Some lovely tree stamps there Sioux :) I see on an earlier post tath Jennie's got some blog candy to give away for peeps who've been doing Tim's tags - I managed to do all 12 this year, so must pop over to Jennie's :) Congratulations on being voted 'Stamper of the Year' - excellent!
    Anne x

  7. He, he. My living room floor looks like that, but worse cos that's where I've finished off some of my Christmas cards and will soon be finishing off some of the presents I made... just wait until I start wrapping presents! Easy to make the mess but I HATE clearing it up!

  8. Oh yes please show us your room!!
    Loving the fact that you have dominated the table. I really need to have a rummage through your stamps xx I only managed one tag so well done you!

  9. What a good idea…….craft in the dining room and then your craft room will always stay tidy……..I love it!

    I still have my Christmas tags to make so I guess I can expect a similar mess some time soon Lol!

  10. Looks like you are very busy, I have the papermania stamps that you have on your desk althought I haven't really done much with them.

    Hugs Pam

  11. Fab mess! I just put stuff to one side.. then can never find anything!

  12. hi Susan, looks like you have had a very productive time..
    the tags are gorgeous and so worth the mess. xxx

  13. Wow what alot done on that desk and WOW on all those stamps I think everyone want's to come play at your house now lol

  14. woah - that's a desk and a half!! I'd be too frightened to work on a desk that isn't against the wall cos I am sure that I'd keep shoving things off the edge!!! (btw, that table cloth looks familar to me - I think that I used to have one just like it!!)

  15. Gorgeous bits and bobs on there :-) I have only just found your blog ,, your work is just fantastic ! I love your tags !! brilliant ! :-)

    Lols x x


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